It’s safe for us to say that Rihanna has successfully transitioned to a makeup mogul after the international success of Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin. It seems like she’s left her music days far behind her as now everything seems to revolve around the universe of beauty for the ace singer. Let’s be real, not only has Rihanna broken the internet with her groundbreaking makeup looks, but she’s also inspired makeup lovahs like you and me a gazillion times!

I can’t count the number of times I’ve had one of her makeup looks on my mood board for the evening. Rihanna is someone who can don anything and everything, sometimes even the impossible. Blue and red eyeliner? Yep, she’s done that. A dramatic blush drape? She’s done that too. Colourful and vibrant lipstick? Only Rihanna can do that! With February being her birthday month, naturally, we’ve rounded up some of her most iconic makeup looks that we’re still gawking over.

That One Time She Blue Us Away

The complete package of a reverse cat-eye coupled up with a dramatic flick is everywhere lately. But, this bright blue eyeliner has us all wanting to ditch the black. The red lip gives a stunning contrast to the eyes, don’t you think so?

Browns Can Be Icy Too

Brown and earthy tones are almost always paired with a warm fit. However, here Rihanna’s makeup has massively cool undertones which are hella refreshing.

Sultry Feline Eyes Are Everything

Yes, the dramatic feline flick is something that never goes out of style. Rihanna’s feline flick is intensified with a dark eyeshadow that’s blended with some violet, giving it a cool finish. The burgundy lip just adds to the oomph factor, no?

Wednesdays Are For Pinks

Okay, for far too long dusky and darker skin tones have strayed away from bright pinks all thanks to the fear of it coming on too strong. Rihanna carries off this fuchsia pink lip so effortlessly along with the shimmery rose-gold eyes.

Coming In Red Hot

Who would’ve thought that red eyeliner could be the next big thing? Only she could make red eyeliner look so cool and chic. There’s nothing like a classic monochrome look.

Frosty Feels Good

Pulling off some icy makeup effortlessly, Rihanna gives us a lesson in how it’s totally chill to stray away from warm tones once in a while. Ditch that golden highlighter and go for a silver one, this is your sign.

That Black Lip Classic Thing

If anything can make a daring statement, it’s a classic black lip. We know it isn’t easy to sport a rebellious shade like this one, but hey it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot. Just remember, no kissing!

Holo Lips? Sign Us Up

By now, we should all be well-aware of how Rihanna loves playing around with her lip colours. This subtle holographic lip makes the ultimate beauty kween move with its colour.

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