When it comes to describing my style, I’d say it’s a mix of classic and trendy items… Elevated classic, you could say. I rarely hop onto a trend without having given myself and style a peek at—Would I be comfy in it? Would I be able to match and wear it with my exisiting clothes? Would I be able to put my personal spin around it? Whatever the case may be, I always ensure that a trend based item of clothing is worthwhile and can be reworn and tailored to my liking.

That being said, trends come and go… Fashion retailers and store will keep sending you emailers and messages enticing you to invest or buy into a new piece of clothing or a trending item. And I received one such email for Zara‘s new collection launch. Naturally, the fashion fanatic in me, clicked on the link not in hopes of buying out the store, but to do my due diligence when it comes to learning about the new trends in the market. To my suprise, I reach the first page and I already fell in love with so many of their styles and looks. While I’m not too surprised by their ace merchandise styling on the models (because they’re always quite on point) but the fact that I had to find the urge to keep myself from buying almost everything in sight—Everything was so aligned with the way I would dress and style myself!

And because sharing is caring, I thought no better way of passing on my faves to you guys and maybe inspiring you to reflect on your style with the recent collection at Zara. So without further ado, check out the 6 trends I’m totally in love with this season!

Tweed Stuctured Suits

A sturcture item is a must-have in anyone’s wadrobe—be it a blazer or trouser or a A-line skirt! This tweed blazer featuring a lapel collar and long sleeves with shoulder pads along with inseem flaps and textured gold-toned buttons on the front gives off a very old-school preppy, yet on-trend vibe and something that could be a timeless piece in one’s closet.

Textured Double-Breasted Blazer (Source: www.zara.com)
Textured Double-Breasted Blazer

Play On Retro Prints

We all love a good floral print but they can sometimes get too girly or look too grandma-like. Zara‘s take on the floral trend just got cool because you know how much we love an old-school spin on things and everything ’70s and ’80s is definitely making a comeback as you can tell. So maybe it’s time to give your florals an upgrade, yes?

Floral Printed Dress (Source: www.zara.com)
Floral Printed Dress

Platform Pop

Ditch those stiletto heels this season and get yourself a pair of these babies! I’m definitely vibing with the ’70s block heel, platform sole sandals, and what’s even better is that they come in these cool colours that would truly evelate a basic LBD or a white shirt and denim look.

Strappy Platform Heel Sandals (Source: www.zara.com)
Strappy Platform Heel Sandals

Crochet Crops

You might think the crochet appliqué detail is a trend of the past, but infact not only is it reinvented so that it doesn’t remind you of your granny’s handkerchief, it’s also can be teamed with almost anything to change up the enitre look… With a pair of jeans for a casual look… With leather leggings and boots for an edgy but feminine look. A crochet skirt or shorts with a floral scarf or wrap for a cute summer-y look.

Crochet Set (Source: www.zara.com)
Crochet Set

Low-Waist Loose Bottoms

Skinny jeans, who?! A pair of good denims can not only last a lifetime but it can be paired with just about anything! That being said, the tight-fitted midi-tappered at the ankles skinny jean is out of the picture… Time to get a pair of low-waisted denims or trousers. The only negative here is that because of the loose and baggy fit, you can’t really “dress it up” as you would your skinny jeans with a shirt or blouse… It won’t really give you a “sophisticated” look but it sure has that comfort fit on point and will ensure you can live and breathe in them easily all day!  

Colour-Block Tops

Who doesn’t love a good colour combo? Especially when you literally can dress up a basic pair of jeans or biker shorts and make it look uber cool and trendy. These colour-blocked tees and sweatshirts not only look super cute but the mix and combos of colours are so cute that you need at least one of these in your closet!

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