Mumbai is always hot and buzzing. It keeps you on your toes and has new things to offer every single day. The restaurateurs of Mumbai follow in these footsteps and give the city new places almost every month. With new openings, new dishes, new cuisines, there is a whole lot of variety that Mumbaikars get and you can literally never get enough of this city. The restaurants are bubbling with laughs, excitement, love for food and outdoors, the wafting smell of the delicious food and the infectious smiles of the people. Mumbai restaurants have a strikingly impressive vibe that sets them apart from most restaurants across the country with some of the best food that not only satisfies your cravings but also fills your heart. Bringing to you a list of the newly opened restaurants in the city that you must try if you love treating yourself to a fancy meal.

1) Balsa

Balsa situated in Lower Parel offers a wide variety of cuisines ranging from American, Asian and Italian. The ambience is dimly lit with high chairs along with a stunning outdoor seating arrangement. The place transitions beautifully from day to night with bright outdoor seating to a cosy indoor vibe. This should be added to your list and you must try out some of their signature dishes which include the web smeared Dim Sums, Lemongrass Ravioli, Mushroom Tacos and the most unique item on the menu, Chocolate Nachos.

2) The Bandstand Pantry

Perched up right across the iconic house of Bollywood superstar Shahrukh KhanMannat, The Bandstand Pantry. The cutest café with its open seating facing the sea as the salty Mumbai breeze kisses your skin doesn’t that sound like the perfect Sunday! You can relish their scrambled Eggs Toast, Mac and Cheese, Pastrami Bagel and some amazing smoothies and their classic cup of Cappuccino.

3) Roofberries

This rooftop bar is climbing up the list to become one of Bandra’s favourites. Located right above the very happening Mitron Cafe and Bar, Roofberries serves amazing cocktails and food with a little something to suit everyone’s palettes from sushi and dim sums to nachos and pizza—they have it all. The vibe of this restaurant is beautiful with neon lights, indoor plants and an open top.

4) Kyma

Kyma is this newly opened restaurant in BKC, that serves the creamiest hummus, crispy dim sums, sushi and some delicious items which include chilli paneer bao, honey chilli lotus roots and their loaded nachos are to die for. From the beautiful ambience to the lip-smacking food, this place has it all—so, don’t miss out!

5) Loci and Toot

Loci and Toot is the newly launched wine bar in Khar, they offer some amazing European and Mediterranean delicacies. Perched up on high chairs in a cottage core like ambience, this aesthetically pleasing café is a must-visit. They have an extensive coffee bar that serves heavenly coffee to match every caffeine lover’s taste buds. Their menu has a little something for everyone from salads, flatbreads, veggie toasts, pizzas, pastas to decadent desserts.

6) Ping’s Cafe Orient

Ping’s was the biggest thing in Goa and now it comes to Bombay in all its amazing Asian Food glory. Decently priced and located in Kamala Mills amongst a sea of restaurants, Ping’s stands out because of its menu. Their Philadelphia Cream Cheese Dumplings, Spicy Korean Chicken Bao, Raw Mango Salad, Edamame and Truffle Dumplings along with the rich and creamy Khao Suey literally puts you in a food coma. And after a hearty meal, don’t forget to binge on the desserts especially the banoffee served with caramel pie.

7) Donna Deli

Donna Deli has the cheesiest pizza in town with the tangiest sauce and some of the yummiest accompaniments. The open roof café has an alfresco, all-white interiors and the yummiest comfort food. This Italian café serves authentic pastas, pizzas with quirky cocktails and a wide range of coffee selections to choose from. It’s the perfect place for a cutesy, romantic date or a chill day out for friends.

8) PCO

By Passcode Only is the coolest concept club located in Kamala Mills. There is a new passcode every week that you will need for entry. A special code is given every week when one calls for a reservation. They have the coolest cocktails with amazing bar food that will have you licking your fingers. The vibe is amazing and makes you want to keep going to the place for more. The secrecy of the place makes it super interesting and has become one of the most coveted places in town.

9) Taki Taki

Taki Taki is a paradise for Asian food lovers. This Japanese restaurant situated in Lower Parel offers some of the best dishes of Japanese cuisine with a twist. The food is authentically made with premium ingredients and an oriental touch. This Pan Asian restaurant has blood-red lighting with earthy tones and striking gold interiors which stand out and put you in the best mood to enjoy your food and have a good time.

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