Exclusive! 'I'm Not Open To Judgements On My Relationship Because It's Too Personal' : Alia Bhatt

Exclusive! 'I'm Not Open To Judgements On My Relationship Because It's Too Personal' : Alia Bhatt

Ankita Kanabar

This girl is just on a winning spree, it seems. Firstly, Alia Bhatt stuns me with the trailer and vibes in Gangubai Kathiawadi. Then, she's leaving me all mesmerized in these white saree looks every day promoting the film, look as ethereal as it gets. And no, she doesn't just stop there. I love the fact that she speaks her heart and makes so much sense!  

Recently, Alia was interviewed for her upcoming release by Shravan Shah, Entertainment Head, MissMalini and the actress threw light on her character in the film, how she got the moves right for Dholida, criticism and her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor. Despite the fact that the couple has admitted to being in a relationship, they continue to keep it private as much as they can.

Opening up on her relationship, Alia said,

"We’re naturally protective about it and you’re protective about anything you care about deeply. Ranbir has been in the industry much longer than I have. Most of our life is in front of the camera, in front of people and for people. There’s a certain level to which you have to protect your personal life otherwise you can’t draw the difference between your professional and personal life. So, when Ranbir and I are together and we’re hanging out together, we talk a lot about movies but that’s not our life. I don’t love Ranbir because he is an actor and he doesn’t love me because I’m an actor; acting is just a part of our lives. I think when you make a lot of things out there for people to talk about, then you have to be open to judgement too. And I’m not open to judgement on my relationship because it’s too personal. So, we like to be private about it."

Aren't these two adorable? The two will be seen together in Brahmastra and I'm sure all the fans can't wait for it. But for now, with Gangubai Kathiawadi, Alia has hit it out of the park. I can sense that already even before it releases on February 25.

You can check out the whole interview below: