The evergreen Dhak Dhak girl who always has my heart is set to make her OTT debut and I’m super excited ever since I saw the trailer of The Fame Game. What’s also interesting is the fact that Madhuri Dixit plays a superstar in this Netflix series which is set to premiere on February 25. The cast of The Fame Game recently got into a conversation with our boss lady, Malini Agarwal, and shared some interesting anecdotes about the show.

Talking about the experience on her OTT debut, Madhuri Dixit said,

It’s been wonderful. Sri Rao (the show’s creator) came to me with this idea and Netflix joined in. Netflix and me have a history because I sold my first Marathi film 15 August to Netflix and I’ve done a voice-over for Mowgli. There are so many layers to my character and as a show, it’s something people would like to watch. I love mysteries and this is a mystery with a lot of family drama and everything – so it’s a great backdrop. Of course, Dharmatic Entertainment is producing it, so overall it’s a good package so I’m excited for it.

The actress also loves the fact that OTT has such a wide reach and she would love to see herself in different languages.

She added,  

“I think that’s the advantage of OTT – it goes to so many countries and it’s a global platform. Once the series drops, everyone all over the world sees it and they see it in different languages too. I would love to see myself speaking in Spanish or some other language (laughs).”

We see real-life portraits and glimpses of Madhuri in the show as she plays a superstar. When asked about it and also the enjoying the fame along with fans, here’s what the actress had to say.

Madhuri expressed,

“I think the image of me as an actor or star over the years is imprinted in people’s minds which is why they would relate to it and that helped because we were trying to establish Anamika Anand as a superstar. I’ve also had moments where I’ve danced with my fans. I think that love is the most beautiful part of fame. So, using my own shots helped. Also, what’s special about the series is that it’s about family and relatable to everyone watching. Anamika’s family is no different from any regular family.”

I’m looking forward to watching The Fame Game and for the mystery to unfold in this drama.

You can also watch the full interview with the cast below.