Friendship is one of the most special bonds that we as humans can experience. It’s that one relationship that we get to choose by ourselves and tbh, if we choose the right ones, life just becomes 10x beautiful, don’t you think? There are so many creator squads out there and one of them is ‘DamnFam‘. Honestly, no fam like ‘DamnFam’ and we’re sure you guys would agree to us on this. In such a less span of time, they have managed to make a place in our hearts for themselves. The more we get to know about them the more we love them.

Here you go

1. I love you so, dear

Wasn’t this one of the cutest Christmas wishes out there? I mean just look at those smiles. It’s impossible to not get a smile on your face too after watching them. Also, who misses all the #DfxEurope content? We sure do! It was so much fun watching them take on different adventures together, haina?

2. Can we skip to the good part

Hahaha, this Reel had us laughing out loud. Honestly, though, burgers and pasta are all good but nothing beats Indian food, amirite? No matter where on earth we Indians go, we will always need our spices. Our food is defo the ‘good part‘ of our lives, hehe.

3. You make me smile

DamnFam is always up for hopping on trends and not just that but are also acing them like pros. What makes their Reels even more fun to watch is that they truly enjoy every moment of creating content and it shows on their face just like this one. Loveeeeee how they all manage to make every Reel so fun by just being themselves.

4. Love mera hit hit

Dressing up for Diwali and coming together with your loved ones is a different feeling altogether. Let’s just be honest, festive outfits are a total vibe and our fam here has defo got that one right. Also, the song in this Reel is totally elevating the whole feel of it.

5. Ladies & Gentlemen, THEM…

Now, this trend was one of our faves and seeing not just one but all the three beautiful ‘Damn Girls‘ jump on it was honestly a treat for our sore eyes. Don’t they all just look insanely gorgeous here?

6. Va Va Vroom Vroom

Transition Reels are always super fun to watch and tbh, we all love them. And when combined with some dance moves it’s something we can never refuse to watch. Ngl, they’re legit #SquadGoals and we hope they keep slayin‘ with their content just like this one.

These were a few Reels of them that we loved and watched on loop. They truly have the ability to make anyone and everyone fall in love with them. On a side note, we hope you are staying safe. Also, don’t forget to follow at @missmalinitrending for more creator updates.