Sanjay Kapoor is set to be seen in The Fame Game with Madhuri Dixit and Manav Kaul. The duo will collaborate together after 25 years, but their chemistry in songs like Ankhiyan Milaao Kabhi Ankhiyan Churaon continues to remain memorable. The team of The Fame Game was recently interviewed by our boss lady, Malini Agarwal where they spoke in-depth about the show and lots more. When asked the actor about this collab, he said, they literally started off from where they left.

Sanjay Kapoor said,

It’s always great working with Madhuri, whether it was now or the first day I shot with her in 1993 which was 29 years back. We shot in Ooty for that song Zara Phir Se Kehna. We’re working after 25 years but it’s not like we didn’t meet for that long. We worked out together – Madhuri, Ram and me used to work out together. But the great thing about Madhuri is that when I was new, she made me feel so comfortable. I was absolutely raw in Raja and she was this superstar and she hasn’t changed one bit. There were so many new people like me over there and the credit goes to her for making everyone on that film comfortable.

Sanjay who’s done a lot of work on OTT like Lust Stories or The Gone Game believes that this medium has changed things a lot which is why it’s a great time to be an actor. He also feels that he’s getting appreciated now more than ever before.

He added,

With digital, your shelf value as an actor increases. So many people come and talk to me about Sirf Tum which released way back in 1999. So, all your old work is being watched by people who were not even born in their 90s. I’ve done a movie called Luck By Chance, which was an ensemble cast. The kind of appreciation I’m getting now is not something I got earlier. So, I think it’s a great time to be an actor. The kind of work you get to do and you get great appreciation too if the work is good. Earlier it was like, you were appreciated only if your film did well at the box-office, irrespective of the hard work you put in, but now it’s not like that. It’s a great time to be an actor.

The Fame Game is set to stream on Netflix, February 25 onwards and is created by Sri Rao and directed by Bejoy Nambiar and Karishma Kohli. Meanwhile, you can check the full interview with the cast below.