Yami Gautam has been basking in the appreciation for her latest release, A Thursday. The actress has totally shattered stereotypes and performed so brilliantly in this one. She overwhelmed with all the feedback coming her way and that was so evident when recently the actress had a Clubhouse chat with our boss lady, Malini Agarwal. All through the conversation, several speakers had immense appreciation for the actress and she was thrilled to get all the feedback.

When asked if she was apprehensive to take up her role in A Thursday considering how people would react, here’s what she had to say.

Yami expressed,

Being in this industry, you need to be prepared and yet you’re never prepared, because that people can throw anything at you. It’s a matter of perspective. But as an actor, you need to look beyond those barriers, once you feel this film has something bigger to say. I believed in the story, and character so then I have to go full throttle. You have to do your job with full conviction.

On professional front, while Yami is in top form, she is also in a happy space with her personal life as she recently got married to writer-director Aditya Dhar. Interestingly, when the trailer of A Thursday came out, Dhar tweeted that he’s suddenly scared to share a home with Yami.

Check his tweet below.

When Yami was asked about it on Clubhouse, the actress had a hearty laugh about it and also shared her experience of being married.

Yami said,

No, he’s not scared of sharing the house with me. It’s totally the opposite actually (laughs). Ever since we’ve been married, we’ve not had the time to spend with each other at all. It’s literally hide and seek that we’re playing. I’ve had 6 commitments to finish this year. One of them was A Thursday and Aditya has had his own commitments. Of course, there are so many other things to do when you set up a house or start living together. Yet, we’ve not really gotten the time. The way he put it out, that got everyone’s attention and that’s when you know you’re married to a writer-director, because he can come up with such wit. But it’s a very overwhelming journey. When you really think you’ve found the right partner, you should really go for it. It’s beautiful to come home to someone like that as family and someone who encourages you. A very small example – we were out for screenings before A Thursday released. I was at the screening till about 1:30 and he was waiting for me till then just to know how was everyone’s reaction. That’s what you want for each other. You want to nurture each other and want the other person to grow. I can’t wait to explore this journey with him further.

That’s so heartwarming! You can hear this whole, fun conversation on MissMalini’s Clubhouse channel now.