Bigg Boss 15‘s Umar Riaz became an overnight sensation after he was unceremoniously evicted from the show. In fact, there were around 17 million tweets in his support after he was shown the exit door from the show. And I guess that little speed breaker in his journey is what has catapulted him to greater heights of fame today. Umar is undoubtedly ruling social media with a huge fanbase and today the surgeon-turned-actor has released a rap song called Mera Suffer. In this, he takes on his Bigg Boss 15 eviction in the most unadulterated fashion.

I must say, Umar looks quite the stunner as he narrates his journey to stardom and takes on the Bigg Boss makers over his eviction. For those who don’t know, Umar was evicted from the house after he got into a physical fight with co-contestant Pratik Sehajpal during a task. And before I say anything further, you should watch the song…

Check out Mera Suffer here:

Well, while Umar is receiving some great reactions for his song, his journey on the show was truly amazing. And in a throwback interview to me, Umar had spoken about the violent tag he received in the house.

Here’s what he had said…

Initially, when I came out and I was sitting in the car, I was thinking I will be so trolled in the media now. I won’t be able to work in Mumbai because I was tagged as a violent doctor, aggressive and all. I thought my time in Mumbai is done and my whole life I will be trolled. But then when I saw the response, especially so many celebrities calling it unfair, it felt good.

He had also commented on his unfair eviction, saying…

Earlier when I was told that the audience didn’t want me to stay in the house, I was okay. But later when I was told that the voting was on my side, then I felt disappointed and thought it was unfair. I have given so much to this show, they should have kept me, I deserved to be in the top 5.

Check out the interview here:

Well, maybe it all happens for the best and in Umar’s case it did, for today, the man has so many people loving him. And now that he has made his debut with a music video, I wish to see more amazing ones coming our way soon.