Even though Instagram in general is a platform used for posting our best lives, sometimes it can really make us feel anxious and not so good about ourselves. Some of our fave creators however have time and again opened up about their insecurities by posting their most unfiltered selves on the ‘gram. Needless to say, such posts really help us put things in perspective and accept ourselves as we are. Now, scroll your way through these brave and authentic posts. They’ll truly make you feel good about yourself.

‘It’s been a long time since you…’

1. Diipa Khosla

Ladies and gentlemen…HER. Diipa Khosla’s brave move to be real about her stretch marks after her pregnancy is absolutely beautiful. Ngl, we love how wonderfully she has penned down her thoughts regarding motherhood and encouraged women to accept their bodies as it is. A body that can nurture a life should really be worshiped, right?

2. Kusha Kapila

Acne and pimples are something that all of us have to deal with time and again. While we try our best to hide the red marks using makeup and filters, we love how Kusha addressed that even she deals with the same. Her putting up this picture on social media is really empowering and has really boosted our confidence too. You go gurl!

3. Malini Agarwal

Our boss lady, Malini Agarwal recently got a sinus surgery done and didn’t shy away from sharing her picture from the hospital. Even though she was skeptical about showing her swollen face on the ‘gram, we love how she wanted her insta-fam to also get a glimpse of her non-instagram life. Ngl, in sickness and in health, we’re always with you M.

4. Komal Pandey

Anxiety and hitting rock bottom is one thing that we avoid posting about. While we perceive social media as a medium to showcase our best lives, sometimes posting about our bad days can also help a few. Just how Komal did here! Her caption is truly worth a read. As mentioned by the ‘Kween‘ herself, let’s look forward to some healthier, stronger, and wiser days.

5. Aanam Chashmawala

Being a content creator requires you to be always on the go and keep creating content. At the same time, you’ve got to keep your energy levels high and be physically and mentally active. While everyone tries to ‘skip to the good part’ on social media, Aanam posted about her muscle injury due to long hours of shooting and got real about the other side of ‘gram in her caption.

6. Dolly Singh

Dolly Singh’s heartwarming caption about being skinny-shamed and eventually feeling good in her skin is so comforting. We’ve all been judged, body-shamed, or called names for our insecurities. While the person saying things doesn’t know how hurtful it can be, we really lose our confidence when it happens, right? Dolly really voiced out our thoughts so gracefully here.

7. Aashna Hegde

Haaye, isn’t Aashna so beautiful? Her glowing skin and pretty eyes never fail to brighten our day. This unfiltered and no makeup picture of Aashna is absolutely empowering us to embrace our good skin days too. Acne, pigmentation, pimples, uneven skin tone is something that we can’t really stop but we can defo rejoice and celebrate the good skin days, amirite?

8. Sakshi Sindwani

We love how Sakshi Sindwani’s content on plus-size women and the issues they deal with is so beautifully wholesome. She’s all about embracing all body sizes and breaking the conventional beauty standards. And we absolutely love her for the same. Self-love over everything, right?

Well, we love how these creators have so beautifully embraced their insecurities and in a way made us feel good about ourselves too. On that note, we hope y’all are vaccinated and staying safe. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, @missmalinitrending to know more about what your fave creators are up to.