Did someone say tattoos? As a self-proclaimed tattoo freak with 25 tattoos and counting, the slightest mention of one gets me all giddy and excited. The sheer number of tattoos should be enough to let you know that they happen to be just as addictive as anything else. For some tattoos are a great way to have something meaningful with them forever and for some, they’re just an outlet to express how creative one can get.

Lately, I’ve been spending some quality time on Instagram much to the dismay of my eyes, and I’ve spotted some adorable designs. Okay, the cat might just as well get out of the bag, my body’s been itching to get some brand new ink. That’s precisely why I’ve been looking for some new stunning designs. I managed to come across a plethora of tattoos that span across categories. Minimalist and dainty designs? Check. Hand-poked designs that look hella cute? Intricate flowers that are sketched to perfection? Check. So, here are a few tattoos that are definitely gonna have you booking a tattoo appointment right away!

This Beautiful Rose

Butterfly Fly Away

Finger Tatts Are IT!

Maximalist Henna

Some Indian Embroidery

Handpoked Danger

Starry Art

Wondrous Waves

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