Burnout is so real, at one time you were doing well. You managed that concall while changing that smelly poop-filled diaper, fed your little Bub while managing to finish off some tidying up and you even ended up spending quality time with your husband once your little munchkin was asleep. You had the perfect day! But then, you had to do this every day, over and over and over again. With maybe a few more tantrums (baby and husband), fires at work, bigger food stains on that beautiful couch, and well- there’s so much more. The list can go on and on…


“You’re a mom. Of course, you’ll feel exhausted!”, they say, or “It’s ok if you don’t find time for yourself, you’re taking care of your baby isn’t that magical in itself?”
Let’s get one thing straight – You’re a mom – Not a machine! And yes it’s magical to take care of your baby – but how is that even related to making time for yourself?

You’re probably experiencing something we like to call the ‘Supermom Burnout’ – which is so common and yet so unnecessary. Why put yourself through that when you can just avoid it?


This advice is from one supermom to another, here are 10 solutions to managing burnout like a queen:

1.Find your Chi

Maybe it’s eating pizza while watching the intro to SATC or a long bubble bath or warm tea with Metallica on your EarPods. No one’s judging here! You do what’s best for you – but you need to find your Chi. Find that special moment of me-time that makes you whole again and reminds you in some way of who you are.


2. Workout

Not sure if it’s the fresh air or your juices flowing, but a workout in any form even if it’s just a 15-minute walk helps make you feel lighter. And of course- you’ll stay fit too! That’s a bonus right there!


3. Routine

A ton of moms mentioned having a schedule. It’s not easy to stick to it every day but it does help to add some structure to your life and allow you to manage your day in a well-planned manner. If nothing else you’ll at least be eating lunch every day as opposed to forgetting to in between the work calls and diaper changes.

4. Use The N-Word

Yes, that word “NO” does exist! And guess what? You have the right to use it as many times as you’d like to! It helps especially well when you’re refusing chocolate to a tantrum-throwing toddler or your family when they decide to feed your bub something you’re not comfortable with or my favorite- when you just don’t have the energy to be fake nice with that unsolicited advice you just got. A gentle No followed by a big smile can just be your solution.


5. Ask For Help

It’s ok to ask for help. It doesn’t take away from being the supermom that you are. And there’s no reason for you to feel guilty about it. Sometimes that extra hand might just help you in more ways than you expected.

6. Recognise Your Triggers

What’s that one thing that just doesn’t float your boat? Is it the way random family members decide to touch your baby’s cheeks straight after entering the house (and not washing their hands) or is it the fact that you have to clean up you’re entire dining area the moment you’re bub finishes any meal? Whatever it is- identify it, understand what really annoys you about it and try to be more patient when the fateful opportunity presents itself again.

7. Spend Time With People Who Make You Feel Like Christmas

Maybe it’s that one friend you can just vent to, even if it’s while you are in the loo (we moms don’t get a lot of time so we have to multitask!) Meet them, laugh with them- it helps to not lose touch with the person you were.


8. Sharing Is Caring

Share those responsibilities. Get your husband to take over some of the load. You’ll get some extra time to do anything – self-care or bake cookies! Plus, you know your little one is safe and is taken care of!

9. Schedule Date Night

Even if it’s in a corner of your bedroom wearing PJs and watching the new marvel movie, make it a date night! But of course, if you can – put on a nice dress, throw on some lipstick, and just let loose. This is good for so many things – exclusive time to talk/fight/make up and of course just be yourself and let loose.

10. Sleep When The Baby Sleeps (as if!)

Obviously, that’s not possible. But maybe try to catch a few winks whenever you can – if it means starting your night early or napping during the day. (if you’re lucky to find the time) Good sleep = less cranky mama.
These tips help but at the end of the day don’t forget who you are! You’re that supermom who can do anything she decides to! You got this boo!

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