We work so hard during the week, sometimes we even forget to have a bath until it’s midnight, skip meals, or stuff our bodies with an overdose of caffeine. Just as the weekend comes closer, the diet culture starts to sneak on us.

We often see ads of a miracle diet that will help you lose 4 kgs in a month or a pill that will magically reduce your tummy. I feel that I will never want to try something that makes me feel bad about my body, I’m not happy to try it or recommend it to anyone else.

Do we really need these external stimulators to be the best version ourselves? We wait for a ‘Monday’ to start eating clean again, to start working out again. But if you just think about it, if we’re eating clean during the week and indulging in a little dessert or a pizza on a weekend. Is it really a crime?


When we talk about body positivity, we need to understand that all of us are made differently. There is abundant beauty in diversity. It just doesn’t mean skin colour, it includes all body types and genders as well. You don’t have to be a certain body type to be self-confident. You should love and celebrate your body at any size. If you’re healthy from within, don’t let anyone tell you that your body doesn’t deserve love.

Don’t be hard on yourself for enjoying a weekend. Wear your favourite outfit, go to your favourite restaurant, and order your favourite food!

Weekends are meant to unwind and reset your brain for the coming week. Don’t forget to show off your beautiful curves, indulge in ice cream or five, if you fancy! Remember you are worthy, just the way you are. You don’t have to wait for a Monday to reinvent yourself.


Inculcating healthy habits should be a part of your lifestyle, if you eat balanced foods during the week, you should allow yourself to binge a little on the weekends.

If you do want to make a few changes in your lifestyle, make it for yourself. Don’t get pressured into eating healthy or working out.

Remember, you will just be as beautiful you are now and even on a Monday morning when you get back to routine after an adventurous, indulgent weekend.

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