AP Dhillon has certainly taken the internet by storm with his ‘insane’-ly amazing vocals. There are honestly no ‘excuses’ for us to not hear his songs yet since they’re all over Instagram. Ngl, once you’ve heard this talented singer’s album songs, your ‘desires’ to listen to more of his music is only going to get Intense, hehe. Well, he along with the ‘brown munde’, Shinda Kahlon, Gurinder Gill, and Gminxr are totes ruling our hearts with their ‘goat’ music and have got us all in the ‘feels’, including some of our fave creators. So, scroll through these absolutely fun and musical Reels.

Kehndi hundi si

1. Karan Sonawane

‘Kinj kara tareef tere Reel di’, hehe. Karan Sonawane and the gang got all of AP’s hits in a conversation and we’re absolutely loving it. Ngl, his songs are truly hypnotic enough to melt anyone to give in, amirite? Well, we got no udhari with these peeps but we would have also returned their money post this musical pitch, haha.

2. Srishti Dixit

Patch’s mother, Srishti has somehow just explained what listening to AP Dhillon really feels like! It’s all about ‘no thoughts just vibes’ and we can’t agree more. Ngl, we love the way she has effectively made our week, month, and year a lot better with her awesome moves.

3. RJ Abhinav

Not just Delhi, even Bombay is enticed with AP Dhillon’s vibe right now exactly how Abhinav is here. Tbh, we don’t know Punjabi too well but even we can’t stop singing his songs and decoding the lyrics. Anyway, ‘taare means wires’ really got us ROLFing, ‘cuz where’s the lie, hehe?

4. Ricky Pond

Well, AP’s music has also gone overseas and even got Ricky Pond dancing over his ‘drip‘ beats. Ahh, the dancing dad really got us grooving with him too and we’re absolutely in love with his amaze dance moves.

5. Mayur Jumani

Woah, the ‘top boy‘, Mayur Jumani made a song out of the wrong version of ‘excuses‘ by Khushaal Pawaar, and ironically it’s too good, lol. While the original has already gone viral, ‘against all odds’, it’s time for this one to ‘takeover‘, and top the charts too, right?  

6. Pulkit Kochar

Pulkit Kochar got the addiction totes on point and there’s nobody who can help us with this. Currently, ‘munde pagal ni saare‘ and only time will tell if we ever get over this song or not. Tbh, we don’t see it happening anytime soon and secretly hope that it really doesn’t happen ever, hehe.

Honestly, you’re living under a rock if you aren’t aware of this talented sensation at the moment. Also, aren’t these creator Reels absolutely fun yet relatable at the same time? On another note, we urge you to stay home and get vaccinated. Until then, follow @missmalinitrending to get more information about your fave influencers and creators.