Social media can make anyone with talent go viral, amirite? Whether a tweet, Reel, or even a post for that matter. Instagram Reels are taking influencer marketing to a whole new level. Today, let’s talk about ‘The Vintage Trend’ that really makes us go to another era. In fact, creators have hopped on to this trend and made so many different yet beautiful Reels on it, giving the song a very versatile vibe. So go on, scroll your way down to check ‘em out.


1. Mrunal Panchal

The tune already gives us total chills and Mrunu’s Reel is just like that. Tbh, she’s giving out a pretty and elegant vibe at the same time, don’t you think? She defo wins our hearts by creating artistic content.

2. Ashi Khanna

Woah, this trend really makes us go back in time while the stunning Ashi Khanna is giving us a ‘dreamy girl’ feel and we are all eyes for it. Her followers are fans of her beautiful looks, and every time she posts something, her comment section is filled with love, damn!

3. Masoom Minawala Mehta

The thing about vintage is that it never goes out of fashion just like Masoom Minawala’s content. What enhanced her Reel, even more, is the fact that she’s looking so timeless in her all-traditional wedding attire. You dominate every era, Masoom.

4. Captain Zoya

Aye Aye Captain Zoya looks absolutely gorgeous in this one and we’re totes in love with her style. She’s a dreamer with a spark in her eye, some glitter in her soul, a vintage heart and a beautiful mind. This #BharatKiBeti is defo flying high.

5. Tarini Shah

We love Instagram ‘cause it gives everyone a platform to showcase their abundant talent. From lifestyle to beauty to fashion, Tarini Shah has been working hard to achieve greater milestones & has been ruling the internet with her fresh content. She has totes stole our hearts in this vintage Reel.

6. Amulya Rattan

One of the most important things about digital platforms is to keep your audience entertained. And Amulya Rattan exactly knows how to make this magic happen with her creative and unique content. Ngl, looks like a total ‘Sundar Pari’ in the vintage Reel.

7. Mansi Ugale

Raise your hand if you were addicted to this Reel too ’cause, we surely were! Mansi Ugale is totes giving us the legendary vibe, isn’t it? Uff, our hearts just skipped a few beats after watching this Reel of our Instagram’s self-portrait queen. Her posts look so professionally done and her outfits are out of this world. We totes love how she promotes body positivity too.

Tell us is there even a single day you go without watching Reels that include trends, there isn’t any right? Seeing all these lovely Reels certainly brought out the classic vibe in us and made us go ‘awww’ in no time. We just have one word for all of them, LOVE. On that note, please stay safe and home at all times. Also, follow @missmalinitrending to know more about the new and upcoming trends.