Let me start off by saying that this month we were lucky enough to hear and add a variety of songs to our playlist. Well, we should never underestimate the power of music ’cause it has the ability to take us to a different mind-space altogether in no time. In fact, it also features talented creators and influencers whose acting skills keep us hooked to their music track all day long. So, all the music lovers in the house, get ready to sing, scroll and go on a musical ride!

Here they are…

1. Chand Naraz Hai

OMG, this lovely song featuring the stunning, Jannat Zubair and Mohsin Khan was released three days ago and in a short period itself, we have gotten addicted to this music track that is all about love. Well, we have added this emotional yet wholesome song to our love song playlist, what about you?

2. Lover

Anirudh Sharma’s song, Lover featuring the beautiful Amulya Rattan is one of the cutest songs of the month! Every time we play this song we end up saying ‘aww‘ out loud, no doubt, this song hits us right in the feels. If this song has a sequel we would love to watch Mrunirudh together, amirite?

3. Sawaal

We have just one ‘sawaal‘, is there anything Be YouNick cannot do? We have to confess every time we listen to this song, we fall in love with it a little more. Be YouNick’s voice is so soothing and romantic that you can’t blame us for being addicted to this song! Also, Karishma Sharma looks absolutely stunning here. If you haven’t heard this one yet then you are seriously missing out on something magical.

4. Teri Ho Gayi

We have to say that after listening to this song of Shriya Jain, we have only three words and that is, “teri ho gayi”, hehe! Yes, that’s right! This wedding song cannot be more real and emotional. In fact, did you know that Shriya made this song, especially for her twin sister’s wedding? Her magical voice and beautifully shot visuals surely managed to hold our attention throughout the music video.

5. Zaruri Hai

Well, ‘Zaruri Hai’ to add this song to the list because of its peppy beats! With over 213k views, this song featuring the charming #Team07 member, Adnaan Shaikh, gorgeous, Riva Arora and Jenny Chopra is one of our faves! Overall the tune and the lyrics of this music track are super catchy that it will make you wanna keep listening to this song over and over again.

6. Lakk Tera Lit

Hasnain Khan and Megha Kaur simply nailed it together in this music track! We can’t point out one single thing but can say overall this song is phenomenal. It’s a high-energy track that will make you wanna start grooving right away. Well, we are sure we have convinced you enough to hear it now?

So, there you go! All these songs made February a musical month for us and honestly, we are still listening to these songs on loop. On a side note, as you groove to these music tracks, we hope you are all staying home and staying safe.

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