Motherhood is a huge part of a woman’s life, but it is not the only thing in their life. They juggle a full-time career, managing their household, partaking in recreational activities, and a lot more. And they do this alongside handling a baby, which is truly breaking the bar, and showing that women can really achieve it all. With this inspirational spirit at heart, today we would like to acknowledge a few of the mom influencers on Instagram who have sported their belly bumps amazingly well. Check out these creators who showed us how to ace the pregnancy style with grace.


1. Ritu Rathee Taneja

A captain, a mom, an influencer, and a YouTuber! Ritu proves that the sky is not the limit. We love the way she always tends to look beyond the trivial things in life. Looking at this picture, all we can say is fun, cute, and adorable! We think Ritu is totes rocking her baby bump look, haina?

2. Ishna Batra

A full-time mother, a part-time social media influencer and blogger plus a fitness enthusiast. Presenting to you, Ishna Batra. She has been celebrating her motherhood journey with two beautiful children and her social media handle is a reflection of her being a mother, a blogger, and a fashion enthusiast. Isn’t she acing her baby bump so gracefully here?  

3. Mitali Sagar Patel

Ufff, Mitali from House of Misu has totes got our hearts for this picture. We love how gracefully she’s posing with her belly bump here. We love how she has always filled us in when it comes to sharing the tips and tricks on nailing pregnancy style at home.

4. Shraddha Singh

Our hearts are filled with love looking at this ‘drop-red-gorgeous’ picture of Shrads. Isn’t she looking super cute here? We love how her content always comes in handy to all the mommies and fashion followers out there. She always keeps her followers in the loop as to how she attains a balance between motherhood and her career which we absolutely adore.

5. Faye D’Souza

This picture of Faye D’Souza from The Good Creator Co. x Dabboo Ratnani Creator Calendar 2022 curated by MissMalini is an ‘aww-dorable’ one. The mommy-to-be looked absolutely radiant in her green outfit. Be it reporting news or sporting her baby bump, she has always been an inspiration to thousands. More power to you, Faye!

6. Tina Kakkad Dhanak

Welcoming a baby into the world is an exciting experience and we can defo see the same here. We love how elegantly Tina’s acing the white gown look here. Being a mommy influencer, she spoke about the changes in the body during her pregnancy phase. Including the ups and downs that she went through. It made the journey even more interesting for us to follow.

7. Avantika Mohan

Woah! This blogger, influencer, and air-hostess defo looks, smoking gorg in this picture. We love how all of her pregnancy pictures are absolutely beautiful. Her cute smile and her baby bump didn’t fail to bring a bright smile to our faces and we’re sure that your eyes are also twinkling, looking at all this cuteness.

Just like us, we believe even you couldn’t stop saying ‘aww‘ the entire time, right? We love how babies are so full of positive and happy vibes and how they add a beautiful glow to the to-be mother’s face. On that note, we hope everyone reading this is safe. Also, don’t forget to follow @missmalinitrending to get more information about your fave influencers and creators.