The mango season is here and we’re super excited about it. With the hoodie season out of the picture, it’s time to get in our tank tops and make hay while the sun shines. If you’re wondering how to pass time as the days get longer then look no further. Here are some super fun ways by some of our fave creators on how to fully embrace summertime and make it count. Now get some lychees and watermelons and read on to know more.

Here comes the sun!

1. Radhika Seth

Rads sipping on coconut water is a clear indicator that summer is here, woohoo! It’s time to counter those hot winds with fresh juices, snowcones, and ice-creams. Oh, and how can we forget about the joy of making Tang and Rasna and having an infinite number of glasses with our frenz.

2. Meghna Kaur

Nothing screams summer more than enjoying a swimming session under the glistening water. The feeling of getting into the water that’s all shiny, thanks to the sunshine is totally therapeutic, haina? This Reel by Meghna is defo making us go spend some time in H2O now, haha.

3. Mehak Ghai

If you don’t know how to swim then sunbathing by the pool or a beach like Mehak is something you can do. The sun feels like a comfort blanket after the winter season and soaking it in feels like a vibe in the initial days of summer, right? On a side note, we love how the sunshine girl is enjoying the sun here.    

4. Shivani Singh

Summers are all about spending more time with your friends and family. And while you do that, having a chill paint session is a great way to pass time and also have loads of fun in the process. Remember drawing sceneries in school? From making v-shaped birds to switching to abstract art, we all really grew up.

5. Nitibha Kaul

Going on an easy-breezy picnic with family and spending quality time with everyone like Nitibha Kaul is the best way to spend a sunny day. Wouldn’t you agree? A picnic basket with some frooti, sandwiches, cupcakes, and cream rolls on the side is like the cherry on top of the cake, hehe.

6. Varun Agrawal

Sheet masks and skincare should be the only acceptable way to end a long day of summer, amirite? We would defo love to join Varun and have a self-care sesh and relax as well. Brb, adding products required for the 10-step Korean skincare routine to the cart.

Well, aren’t these creator recommendations on how to spend this summer super chill and fun? We now have a to-do list ready for the season and we’re sure that you guys must be taking some notes too. On that note, we hope that you’re vaccinated and safe.

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