So how long after having a baby can you have sex? will it still feel the same? will it be painful? As a new mother, the thought of having sex after delivery may seem exhausting to you. We spoke to Aastha Sharma, co-founder of Imbue Naturals to shed light on the topic and here is what she had to say.

Aastha Sharma

You’re probably in pain, fatigued from taking care of your little one and any sexual experience with your partner may seem like the last thing you want to do.
Don’t worry, this is completely normal and every new parent goes through it. Your body will recover and your libido will return. While there’s no fixed timeline for when this will happen, most women are able to have sex 4-8 weeks after delivery. Even though you’re not jumping into the sack soon after childbirth, you will experience arousal, intimacy and be able to enjoy sexual experiences.

Here are some tips and truths to keep in mind while you’re preparing for it:

Low sex drive

Most women experience a low sex drive in the weeks following childbirth. According to doctors, this biological fact is to prevent another pregnancy immediately, when the body is not ready for it. This may feel strange and new but it’s not permanent.

Waiting allows your vagina to heal

Your body has been through a lot during delivery and your vagina would have expanded. This is true even if you had a C-section as pregnancy hormones lead to a wider pelvic rim. In the days and weeks following delivery, you may experience erratic discharge, vaginal tears and dryness.

It may feel different even after waiting

When you finally resume being sexually active after waiting for a few weeks, your body may feel different. You may experience some discomfort or even pain when you have sex again as your vaginal muscles are dry and tender. You can prepare for this by doing a number of things – use a natural lubricant, take a warm bath beforehand or an over-the-counter pain reliever post-coitus.


Make time for sex

As a new parent, you’re probably deprived of sleep, energy, good long baths and are completely busy with changing 25 diapers a day! Once you feel ready for it, take some time for intimacy and sex with your partner, even if it is a quickie in the middle of the workday (wink!).

The bottom line is that taking time to recover after birth and planning will make you more prepared, allowing you to desire and enjoy sexual experiences after you have given birth.

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