Awez Darbar and Nagma Mirajkar are two creators that’re killing it on the ‘gram with their super fun content. Be it together or separately, these two have time and again entertained their audience in the best way and as a result, have taken over the hearts of millions of people. Ngl, we are a part of the #Nawez fan club too, and honestly, we’re super proud of how far they’ve come. Here are some amazing Reels from their Dubai trip that have got us vibing with them too. Start scrolling right away to check them out.

Here we go…

1. Head, shoulder, knees and toes…

Be it India or anywhere else in the world, the best part is that trends are something we can hop on to, wherever and whenever. Tbh, this Reel is just so cool, don’t you think so too? Especially with all the amazing light in the background and that crazy waterfall at the Expo 2020.

2. Cancun

Hopping on trends and how! Ngl, these guys never leave a chance to have us screaming, WOW! Let’s be honest here, no one can ace dance trends better than the #Atrangzfam, haina? Also, the fun little element at the end of the Reel has defo got us curious about what all went on behind the scenes, hehe.

3. BunxUp

Raise your hands if this one got y’all vibin’ too. Well, it defo got us vibing with them and feeling like we are a part of this Reel too. Also, are we the only ones who think that the Atrangz fam members being a part of these Reels is just making it even more fun to watch?

4. Arabic Kuttu

OMG, this viral trend has been all over the ‘gram and for all the right reasons. Ngl, we are loving the Arabic kuttu trend being performed in the United Arab Emirates, hehe. Also, loveee that end transitions. It’s totes giving the whole Reel a fun vibe to it.

5. Beat it up

A trend with a touch of Atrangz to it never disappoints, haina? The amazing duo along with their talented squad delivering some super fun content straight out of the Miracle Garden is a whole mood and we love it.

6. Clapsnap

Clapping and snapping their way through these trends with their squad like the pros they are! Ngl, the view of the Burj Khalifa right behind them is just making the Reel all the more fun and cool.

These were a few of their Reels from the Dubai trip and tbh, we loved them all. We can’t wait to see all that they have got in store for us. On a side note, we hope you guys are staying safe. Also, don’t forget to follow us @missmalinitrending for more influencer updates.