Has there been a day without you scrolling through the ‘gram and not coming across new artists and creators? ‘Cause, we surely haven’t. Instagram has made it possible for hundreds of creators to showcase their talent and unique side through long and short format content. From fashion to dance to music, it covers all. And what gives them an extra push is everybody’s fave feature, Reels. Hence we have discovered a few of these talented creators who could be the ‘Next Big Thing‘.

Here are they…

1. Diksha Vohra

An influencer born in an army family, Diksha loves to create content on travel, beauty, lifestyle and so much more that it cannot be put into words. What makes her content relatable is the fact that she shares meaningful moments of her life. Her journey had elements of struggle, confusion, victories, and revelations, and guess what, she has also been a TEDx speaker and has shared her inspirational journey with millions. We couldn’t have been prouder for her honestly.

2. Priyal Tiwari

Priyal’s main motive for starting content creation was to educate people on the topic of body positivity and to break stereotypes related to it. She wanted to educate people about how someone with the same body type as her’s can do whatever they want and are not lazy 24/7. She in fact can dance for hours and we can totally see that through her Reels. Her forte is dancing and since the age of 3-4, she has been on her feet. She also mentioned that throughout her journey she received a lot of hate but the love overpowered it all. Kudos to you, gurl! Way to go.

3. Maggi

Maggi creates content on the 2 most famously used platforms, Instagram and YouTube. What we love about her is that she tries to not keep herself inside a closed box and explores everything that comes her way. From fashion to beauty to travel to lifestyle on the ‘gram to even daily vlogging with her husband on YouTube she does it all. What makes her content unique is she doesn’t try too hard to make it ‘Unique’, iykyk. She has seen commendable growth in herself as a person and wishes to continue to grow every single day. We’re literally out of words for her impeccable journey.

4. Dhruvika Patel

Dhruvika started her Instagram page back in 2016 as it was a tough year for her and just so she could share her life through this page. However, she didn’t take content creation seriously back then but in 2019 she decided to get into it full-time. Her content is all about fashion and beauty along with her being a self-portrait photographer. She creates content that’s relatable and catchy, especially to girls who are striving. Her journey has been inspirational and we hope all her dreams come true.

5. Radhika Jagtap

Radhika is India’s first Tuberculosis content creator with over 37k+ followers on Instagram. She creates content on four major subjects which are fashion, beauty, tuberculosis, and body positivity. The ability to inspire, help and entertain is something she tries to give out through her content. For her research, scripting, logistics, production, shooting, editing is a one-many army show in spite of having a full-time job. But she loves it so, here’s wishing her the best of luck in all her future endeavors.

6.  Gehna Kochhar

Presenting to you a talented fashionista, Gehna who is turning her passion into reality with her ‘ahh-mazing‘ content. She started her content creation journey 2 years ago with a perf mix of recreations, transitions, and much more. Do you know what’s unique about her content? It’s her slomo Reels which tbh is so soothing to our eyes. For her consistency is key in order to keep going. Also, she is glowing and growing every day on the ‘gram with her pretty self.

7. Rahul Sherekar

Rahul is super passionate about playing the guitar and singing its cords. He has been playing for the past 4 years. He started posting his music covers on Instagram during the first lockdown and on YouTube by the end of that year. He had less following back then but somehow one day a well-wisher shared one of his songs, ‘Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai‘ on Facebook and the response was amazing and that’s when he started to take music seriously. His next goal in life is to become a full-time singer as currently, he’s pursuing software engineering.  

8. Sufiyan Junaid

This super talented young creator has legit made us laugh out loud with his hilarious, humourous, and witty content. From theatre to radio to content creation he has experienced it all and has finally found his niche. What we absolutely love about his content is his different concept ideas and his Bollywood to satire to observational sketches. We hope he continues to fill our lives with lots of laughter and joy.

9. Aishwarya Barve

Aishwarya started her blogging journey back in 2014 with her Instagram page ‘@thatmojitolady‘ ’cause she’s obsessed with mojitos, while she was studying for her CA internship. From then on every new dish she ordered had to make it to her page with her honest feedback. One day, she received a call to review a restaurant, and from there was no looking back. Also, she loves adding colour to our feed through her food photography and we can’t help but drool over her mouth-watering content.

10. Murtuza Gadiwala

Murtuza is a music composer, writer, and content creator from Mumbai. He has worked on multiple short film soundtracks and also has his own singles. Writing music is something that he has been into for as long as he could remember. Ngl, a lot goes behind making a song, and very recently he wrote his debut song for which we’re super proud of him. The mantra that he believes in is ‘Believe in yourself and be your own Parinda‘. Also, most of his songs are available on various music platforms so don’t forget to check them out asap.

Each creator mentioned above is different from the other ‘cause of their content, uniqueness, personality, and much more. They’re surely going to take Instagram onto the next level with their magnificent ideas and we hope all of them flourish high. On a side note, we hope you guys are staying safe.

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