I have to say, actor Jay Bhanushali who we last saw on Bigg Boss 15, is truly a doting father, and seeing the bond he shares with daughter Tara is pure goals. Being someone who absolutely adores kids, I feel they are the best stress busters. Especially, when they are as cute as Jay’s princess. Yes, Jay Bhanushali and Mahhi Vij‘s daughter Tara totally rules the internet with her cuteness. I must say, the way Jay and Mahhi have taken us through these growing years up of Tara has only made me fonder of her.

Today, this cute family literally rules over the internet the minute they post a reel, and seeing them this way only makes my day. So in case, you have also had a dull week, here are 5 cute videos from Tara, Jay, and Mahhi that will keep you smiling throughout the weekend.

Here are my favorite 5, read on…

1. Kaccha Badam

I have seen many actors take on this reel trend, but the way Jay and Tara did it, has no match.

2. ‘Bagawat Karenge’

Haha! This cute video of Tara teaming up with mom Mahhi to do ‘bagawat’ against father Jay is simply priceless.

3. The Mosquito Killer

Tara killing mosquitoes while father Jay instructing her is just too adorable to witness.

4. Garden Time

Jay and Tara enjoying some playtime in the park, is just too sweet to witness, right? Well, Tara laughing her heart out is what leaves me with a smile.

5. Early Morning Schooling

I can only imagine why is Tara crying so badly, well, the princess got a little shouting from dear daddy when she applied her mom’s lipstick. Much relatable, right?

On Bigg Boss 15, we have seen how much Jay loves his daughter. In fact, there were moments on the show where jay absolutely broke down. Not just this he had also spoken to me about how invested he has been as a father.

In a throwback interview, Jay had said…

Two years I have been with her, I have invested a lot of time being a father. Emotionally and mentally I am too much into her. Bigg Boss was not on my list at all, even when they had called me for OTT, I had told them that my daughter is too small. I wanted to wait for 2-3 years so that my baby is big enough to express if she is missing her father. Right now, she says small words so even if she is missing me she cannot tell her mom that I am missing my father. This was a very big reason for me to not go on Bigg Boss 15. Even on the show, I had promised myself that in a day at least for one hour I am just going to think about my baby.  I remember there is a garden in the backroad in Lokhandwala where only ladies come, before the show, every evening 5 to 7 I was the only father who would be with my daughter, play with her, because of this the ladies had slowly started getting their husbands too.

Check out the interview here:

On the work front now Jay is surrounded by kids as he will be seen hosting the dance reality show, Dance India Dance L’il Masters. Well, for me Jay, Tara, and Mahhi are always super adorable and I only wish they keep treating us to amazing memories in the times to come.