Actors Karanvir Bohra and Teejay Sidhu are always encouraging their kids to be open to the camera and keep posting a number of pictures and reels with their girls on social media. In fact, their page @twinbabydiaries on Instagram is so popular and these girls are adorable. The couple recently made a short film, My Pink Shoes with their daughters, Bella and Vienna which had such an important message. It was directed by Bohra himself.

Check it out here.

The film has been getting some great response. I recently visited the couple to their lovely house and spoke to them about this short film and much more! It was so much fun even meeting their little girls and spend time with them. When asked about the feedback for My Pink Shoes and how it happened, here’s what Karanvir and Teejay had to say.

Karanvir said,

” The response is overwhelming. We never thought it would create such an impact on so many children and parents. The parents and children have got tears in their eyes. Bella and Vienna, the way they did it so naturally is beautiful. We wanted to do something with them since a long time, but we couldn’t  get something which would do justice to them. Or if we got, it was a feature film. I didn’t know if they would be ready for that. So, we wanted to do something really fun in terms of a short film.

The girls have acted so well and Teejay feels it’s definitely a skill.

Teejay added,

“They didn’t even have any dialogues. They’ve just emoted and not even acted. They’ve just been themselves and expressed. I think that’s a skill.”

Many parents are apprehensive about bringing their kids into limelight at a young age. I questioned them if they also have a certain limitations when it comes to the amount of exposure they want their girls to have. But the couple has a very important point and reason as to why they’ve encouraged their daughters to be camera-friendly.

Teejay further said,

“When you teach them to face the camera, they can use them in other areas as well, like in school if they have to give a presentation in front of the class. If they’re used to speaking in front of people or working with teams around, they are not going to be so conscious. That confidence is very helpful in general for every part of life.”

Karanvir also echoed her sentiment and said,

There’s was a society called PSDS – Public Speaking Debating Society in my college and I used to never take part in that because I used to have this stage fright. Once I went and I blanked out. So, I realized that this kind of skill can help them anywhere in the world. It’s not about acting. Acting is not the ‘be all end all’. It’s just a skill.

Now when you hear that, you know it’s a parent talking! I absolutely agree and that’s so well thought of.