We are currently living in the digital age, today everything we do is directly or indirectly influenced by social media. Creators show their creative side online by entertaining the mass in the best way possible. Moreover, we see them showcase their USPs which makes them stand out from the clutter. Creating content in a regional language is just one example. The Marathi mulgi, Vrushali Jawale a.k.a. VineWali is one such digital creator who's entertaining millions out there with her regional language content. Scroll down to know more about this talented girl!

About Vrushali Jawale a.k.a. VineWali

Born and brought up in Mumbai, the 24-year-old, Vrushali Jawale popularly known as Vinewali is a content creator who's making people laugh with her relatable content. Before stepping into the digital industry, she completed her LLB and became a successful lawyer, however destiny had some other plans for her. In 2018, Vrushali started creating short fun and relatable videos, well, little did she know what started out as a passion would turn into her career. Her USP of creating regional content is something that makes her break the clutter and we love it all.

A little about her content...

Speaking about her content, it all revolves around comedy and daily life scenarios mixed up with a pinch of lifestyle-centric vlogs. With over 160k followers on Instagram, she has garnered immense love and support from the audience. Her collaborations with well-known Marathi digital content creators like Karan Sonawane a.k.a. Focused Indian, Harsh Rane, Sushant Ghadge, Shantanu Rangnekar, to name a few have done extremely well. We have to say, that if you are not following Vrushali then you are totally living under a rock. So, what are you waiting for, click here to check out her Instagram profile and don't forget to follow her right away!

Here's what Vrushali has to say about her journey,

I started my content creation journey in 2018. Prior to that, I used to work in a Marathi theatre group. I have performed in various plays as well. I started doing theatre when I was in 11th standard. I used to watch a lot of YouTube videos and thought of making Youtube content where I can act, not particularly in a comedy genre but anything other than that because I used to think comedy is very difficult (which is true btw) and had never done it before. At that time, I was working on a project where I met my co-actor and she told me that her son makes YouTube videos and that he wants someone to act in his videos. Thinking it was a good opportunity as I had zero knowledge about making YT videos, I went ahead with it. So that’s how I met Prathamesh and we started making content together. In fact, he was the one who insisted me to look at exploring creating comedy content. At first, I wasn’t getting a great response but slowly I got to know how to make relatable comedy content and during the lockdown when Instagram announced their Reels feature, I grabbed the opportunity and started making Reels and one little did I know one fine day I got viral from my Diwali’s rangoli video.

Vrushali as an individual is a confident, witty, and hilarious creator. Well, it's true that language is not a barrier but a connector when it comes to social media. In fact, it brings people from different cultures close, right? We absolutely enjoy watching her content and cannot wait to see all the exciting content she has in store for us. On a side note, we hope you all are taking care and staying safe.

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