Instagram essentially is a place for people to express themselves. It’s a platform for everyone to share things that make them happy and smile. While creators work hard to entertain us and make ends meet, they have a life outside of the social media world and thoughts that they’d love to share. For the same, many creators now have a second account as an outlet to embrace the things that they love the most. Be it fashion, makeup, home decor, or lifestyle. Scroll your way through a few of them and get to know your creators better.

Here we go…

1. Ankush Bahuguna@wingitwithankush

The insanely funny and talented, Ankush Bahuguna is totally ‘win-ging it‘ with a second page called @wingitwithankush where he shares his makeup looks, ideas, and hacks. He also has collaborated with many of our favorite influencers, creators, and actors on this page and it’s defo a must-follow.

2. Larissa D’Sa@4amwithlarsa

Larissa D’Sa started an initiative with her second page called, @4amwithlarsa to “achieve greater things in life”. The point of this ‘4 am club’ is to form good habits and boost your personal growth. It’s all about healing, being mindful, and investing in self-care. Brb, joining this community right away.  

3. Vishnu Kaushal@vishnutoo

We know Vishnu as this fun lad who’s absolutely amazing at being a desi dad or a Punjabi artist amongst many other characters. Well, he has a second insta-handle called @vishnutoo where he expresses his thoughts and shares his aesthetics. And guess what! He also reads excerpts from his fave books for us. Now, that’s a solid reason to follow him, amirite?

4. Aashna Shroff@snobhome

@snobhome is the other insta-handle of Aashna Shroff where she shares home decor ideas. This page also includes her mom and her cute doggo. If you’re looking for some beautiful and top-notch ideas to re-do your house then you should totes hit that follow button on this page. Ngl, Aashna’s aesthetics are to die for.  

5. Agasthya Shah@moreagasthya

The ultimate Gen-Z creator, Agasthya Shah’s second insta-account called @moreagasthya is dedicated to men’s fashion and aesthetics. In this Reel, he deep dives into why he started this page and we love how he’s embracing his love for fashion on the side and sharing it with us.  

6. Tarini Shah@teawithtarini

Tarini’s other insta-page is a happy place for her love for music. She shares her lip-sync Reels here as she vibes to the songs she likes. Tbh, this account has given us some great recommendations that are also a part of our daily playlist. You should totes follow it now.  

Needless to say, y’all should defo follow all these pages if you aren’t already. On a side note, we hope you’re taking care of yourselves and staying safe. Also, follow @missmalinitrending to get more information about your fave influencers and creators.