Fashion is art, and art cannot be subjected to judgements. Over time, fashion has been made a topic of conversation and judgement where public figures are put up on social media and in newspapers for their outfits to get judged and maligned. Fashion events have become the biggest newsmakers where each look is broken down to pieces. Your style should be an expression of creativity and you should have the liberty to play around with looks, wear funky outfits, go bold with colours and wear the craziest combinations without feeling a sense of fear or anxiousness. Let your style stand out and there shouldn’t be a day where you are put in a box or you feel like you have to deconstruct your personal style to fit in a mould that pleases the world of fashion. As an individual, you should be able to wear what you feel like, feel your comfortable, fashionable and confident self each and everyday.  

Why Do We Feel The Need To Judge?

Judgements can be hurtful, deceiving and exhausting. But who are we without opinions and judgements? But there is a difference between having an opinion and using that opinion to create a preconceived notion. Judgements are natural, we often make them subconsciously. Almost everyone has an opinion about style, fashion and the outfits you choose to wear but do we really need these opinions? The harsh reality is that society is judgemental and we have to face it. But what boils down to the worst of it all is the fact that judgements are based on appearances and clothes. The urge to judge comes from several deep rooted insecurities that we are more often than not unaware about. We often judge people to feel better about ourselves. Our insecurities make us feel stronger and better when we pull other people down. The need to judge comes from inherent traits and flaws.

Fashion Is A Form Of Art

Fashion has always been one of the most raw and honest forms of self expression. Fashion is a form of art that reflects in the form of your personal style. Fashion comes from being and existence, it comes from the way you feel, the phase of your life, the way you are, your achievements and failures. Your style is a power packed form of expression of your journey and emotions in the most understated way possible. And who are we to judge someone’s art? Over time, we have come to realize that there is so much more to a person than what they wear and how they pull it off. The world has bigger problems to deal with than making a fuss about boys covering their eye lids with glitter and girls wearing pant suits. Fashion accepts change, fashion accepts quirks, fashion makes stereotypes and breaks them, fashion creates a glass ceiling only to shatter it, fashion accepts color and fashion accepts darkness but above all fashion accepts you because fashion is you!

Your Style Reflects Your Personality

Gender Neutral Fashion is one of the forms of non-judgmental and self- dressing that makes you stand out. It helps you stay true to yourself and create a strong identity for yourself. Fashion is all about the essence of the aura that your style creates- the aura that is you! Because style is a blank canvas and you are the artist that can make it, break it, reinvent it- but belong with it. Sometimes irrespective of how much we try, we can’t help but judge someone based on their appearance but with changing times and perspectives, it’s about time we allow opinions that do not match ours to coexist. There is so much to a person than what they wear and there is so much to fashion that exists beyond faux pas and scandals. We live in a world where men and women both paint their nails to make a statement, they both accessorize in gold and bling to feel powerful, they both apply makeup to feel like themselves and we live in a world where they still get criticized for doing so!

To don a saree or a short skirt is the choice a woman makes and to keep a well groomed beard or add color to his cheeks with a blush is a choice a man makes. Hence, we should be living in a world that is okay with what everyone’s version of normal even though it may be different from their own. We should create a world that forms an opinion not a harsh judgement. We should create a world that celebrates and not degrades—a world that will accept you, me and a million others who fail to feel like they belong.

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