Exclusive! Zoe Saldana: 'I’m Always Swimming Upstream Because There Are All These Notions That Action Movies And Science-fiction Movies Are Not To Be Taken Seriously'

Exclusive! Zoe Saldana: 'I’m Always Swimming Upstream Because There Are All These Notions That Action Movies And Science-fiction Movies Are Not To Be Taken Seriously'

Ankita Kanabar

How does one even begin to talk Zoe Saldana who's been a part of such incredible movies like Avatar, Guardians Of The Galaxy and Avengers amidst so many other movies in her career spanning over two decades! I probably can't say enough that can to justice to her acting prowess. The actress now has The Adam Project lined up where she teams up with actors Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo in this Shawn Levy directorial. Zoe got into a conversation with Shravan Shah, Entertainment head, MissMalini and here are excerpts from the heartwarming interview.

On what made her be a part of The Adam Project...

"I’ve been a fan of Shawn Levy for a very long time. Obviously, the cast – Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Garner, Catherine Keener, Mark Ruffalo and this young talented upcoming actor Walker Scobell. The story was so compelling. I felt it had all the great things I like in story-telling but it was well-balanced in one story. You have comedy, adventure, suspense but also emotions. Everything felt perfect in the story. I’m a sucker for films that can get the whole family to sit together in front of the television or go to the movies and this one really hits that spot."

On teaming up with Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo

I fan a lot but I’m able to have a cool front. I’m too busy fanning that I forget I've been a part of big Marvel Cinematic Universe films and that I’ve been a superhero. We had a little bit of a love-fest talking about us being superheroes and we loved it. We felt blessed and fortunate and then we were back to work, The Adam Project (Laughs).

On sci-fi movies and being a superhero

I wish I had a little bit of confidence and I built myself up that way every morning but I don’t. I forget it but I do feel fortunate.  I’m always swimming upstream because there are all these notions that action movies and science-fiction movies are not to be taken seriously and so much hard work takes place for these films to come together and it takes a great deal of imagination. I do feel fortunate that I get to work with extra-ordinary film-makers like Shawn Levy and James Cameron, JJ Abrams and James Gunn. Because these are people you need, who have a passion for and also an innate talent to imagine the unimaginable.

On keeping herself aloof from her characters...

"Things that you maybe feeling in your life bleed into your character in specific emotional beats for your character and sometimes when that happens I’m comfortable blending the scenarios but most of the times, there’s a part of me that I like to reserve and protect from characters I play because I don’t like to bring anything home. I hang my jacket, take my shoes off and immerse myself into my life as a mother, as a wife, as a daughter as a sister, as a neighbour, as a voter and I treasure that part of my life greatly. Whenever those paths cross, the characters I’m playing and who I am in my life, I concentrate on keeping a very distinct sort of a separation."

She certainly is a woman of substance and that comes across with such a deeper insight about movies and life in general. Check out the full interview below.