Actress Nora Fatehi has been a star performer whenever it comes to her films. In fact, her songs totally add the oomph in a film. I had absolutely loved her performance in Kusu Kusu, in Satyamev Jayate 2, and like most of us, Nora also has her bad days. Recently she called one such time about battling Covid-19 and how it took a toll on her. For those who don’t know, Nora put up a spectacular show in the Expo 2020, Dubai and she documented her entire experience in a vlog. In that, she revealed that this stage performance was her very first one after she recovered from the novel Coronavirus.

Talking about her battle with Covid, Nora said,

I’m just so grateful for everything, I recovered from COVID just recently so I hadn’t danced, hadn’t done anything physical since I’ve gotten sick. It had really taken a toll on my body, on my bones, and my stamina. I really started appreciating my health and the opportunities I’m getting.

Check out her vlog here:

Nora also added,

Part of who I am as an artist and as a part of the work that I do and the branding that I have is all about diversity, it’s all about bringing in different cultures together that people globally can relate to. It’s very important that we really really represent the different parts of the world because I know my fans are diverse and they want that.

Catch some glimpses of her stage performance here:

Well, I have to say, my respect for the lady has risen to greater heights after seeing her put a stellar act for a crowd of more than 30000 people. Workwise, Nora was last seen in Bhuj: The Pride Of India, and next we will see her in a special appearance in the film Thank God, where she is said to be performing on the Hindi remake of Manike Mage Hithe.

Being at the top of your game in sickness and in health is what defines a true performer I guess and Nora is surely one of them. More power to you girl!