Richa Chadha has always been a voice behind strong women characters and stories that have created an impact. That is one of the reasons why I love and admire her so much. Her filmography is a perfect reflection of her caliber as an artist, and she brings a rawness and authenticity to each of her parts. Recently, the actress was seen in Tigmanshu Dhulia‘s web series, The Great Indian Murder, and again received rave reviews for it.

The actress has had an illustrious career not only on the big screen but also on OTT with shows like Inside Edge and Candy, apart from her latest release. As I mention to her that she hasn’t let anyone put her in a box of being an actor of a certain medium through her repertoire, she disagrees to an extent with me.

Richa responds,

“I feel that because so far I have been working in what other people are writing, directing and producing, I still think I am in a box in the film industry, which is of an independent actor who does strong characters. That box is there and if I have to break out of that box, I will only have to do something about it . That is why I am trying to write a script for myself and I feel I will successfully break out of the box once I act in it.”
Richa Chadha (Source: Instagram | @therichachadha)

Talking about her recent show’s success, the actress insists that it doesn’t surprise her because with the story and the team she had on the show, also featuring Pratik Gandhi, she knew that they were making something special.

She says,

“It’s the most watched show according to the Ormax list and I am not surprised by its success. But I am very happy and grateful to have got the chance to be a part of such a great story and work with such an amazing director (Tigmanshu). It has only helped me grow as an artist.”
Richa Chadha (Source: Instagram | @therichachadha)

While there hasn’t been any official intimation of a season 2 for The Great Indian Murder yet, considering the season 1 ended on a cliffhanger and the case at hand is yet to be solved, one expects it to happen. As I mention that to Richa, even she agrees.

The actress asserts,

“We have to fulfil our promise to the audience, so I am sure for that reason, thematically, there has to be a season 2.”

No matter the medium or the project, Richa has developed a reputation for herself over the years that if her name is associated with something, it automatically becomes credible. It’s all because of her hard work and I am excited to see that after turning a producer, she is also delving into writing. I am certain that just like her acting performances, her writing will also be exemplary and I can’t wait for it to come to fruition.