Coming off the heels of International Women’s Day, Manish Malhotra Beauty X MyGlamm released their first-ever TVC  film on March 10th and its message was powerful, both in terms of imagery and messaging. The makeup and beauty industry has moved leaps and bounds away from where it started and women are here for it. After all, makeup is not meant to be a mask, but more as a tool of confidence-building and empowerment.

Sukhleen Aneja, CEO, Beauty & FMCG Brands, Good Glamm Group says,

“We are extremely excited to launch the first-ever national TVC of Manish Malhotra Beauty exclusively by MyGlamm. I think it is a fitting ode to the revolution that Manish, with his expertise and vision, has helped usher in a ‘beauty’ democracy, which is being shaped, owned, and expressed in ever-changing ways by consumers themselves, with their choices to embrace the new. The film messaging ‘Backstage to Backstreets’ is a representation of Manish Malhotra Beauty as not just a brand but a lifestyle that is aspirational, accessible and affordable showcased through the premium range of products.”

Women and men both are using makeup to express themselves and find the confidence to step into their light. And Manish Malhotra Beauty is here to make that glamour and those high fashion, couture vibes accessible to all. Every woman who is ready to step into the spotlight and be the star of her own show, that’s an MMB woman. Simply put, she knows that whether she is at work in a board meeting or commuting in a cab, whether she is at a party or out running errands, she can use makeup to look and feel fabulous all the time. There is no right time or place for makeup anymore. The time is now and the place is here, and that is exactly the message that this TVC gives us. The Backstage to Backstreets coinage makes it clear that Manish Malhotra Beauty is both aspirational and accessible, and also importantly, affordable too.

To drive the point further, Manish Malhotra explained,

“We are the only beauty brand that has no brand endorser as we were very sure that the stars of the brand are the consumers themselves with each of them owning their spotlight.  It gives me great pleasure in being able to bring a beauty line that not only promises quality but an array of products that keep growing and waiting to offer you so much more.”

Like Manish, the brand believes in celebrating each individual’s authentic spirit and allowing them to shine. He put it best himself when he said, “I truly feel that if you feel beautiful, you look beautiful!”

Watch it here:

The Manish Malhotra x My Glamm Backstage To Backstreets Campaign Film