It’s been a while since we’ve played around with some colours and celebrated the infamous festival of colours, no? While half of us may enjoy Holi to its fullest, the other half absolutely dreads coming into close proximity with water or colours. Let’s also not forget the barrage of skin and hair issues that this festival drags along with it. Allergic reactions, pesky breakouts, excessive dehydration of your skin and hair drying out, getting all frizzy too. God, sounds like a devastating nightmare!

Well, we thought we’d make your Holi a tad bit special, especially if you’re not keen on celebrating it. Makeup is an ideal tool to help you express and channel all of your creativity, more so when it comes to colours. Neutral, subdued makeup is definitely hella gorgeous but vibrant makeup comes along with a different kind of magic, no? This Holi, let your eyes do all the talking with a splash of colour. Here are a few vivid eye makeup looks that are lurking in my saved folder, perfect for Holi. —

This Galaxy-Toned Vibe

Nothing Like A Pop Of Pink

This Combination Of Pastels and Brights

Hot And Spicy

Orange You Glad?

Electrifying Blue

Tealing Our Heart

Lilac Dreams

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