Aditi Rao Hydari has a certain charm to her that whenever she appears on screen, I can’t help but fall in love with her more and more. She never fails to mesmerize me, and as I got a chance to converse with her, I realized that she is much more adorable up close. Aditi had an amazing 2021 with projects like The Girl On The Train, Geeli Pucchi (Ajeeb Daastaans) and Sardar Ka Grandson, and recently she had the release of Hey Sinamika opposite Dulquer Salmaan.

The actress is currently enjoying the success of her latest release and is on cloud nine with the response it has been getting. Even though the film has received mixed reviews critically, she is unperturbed by them.

Aditi shares,

“I am so damn happy and so relieved. We just made a happy, sweet and funny film and I am really fond of its team. I want people to love it as much as we loved making it. There are people who are hectically reviewing the film, but the fans are saying that they do want to watch a fun film and not see serious films all the time. That’s exactly what it is. It’s not earth-shattering cinema but it’s a fun, sweet film about flawed people and it still says something important at the end of it.”
Hey Sinamika (Source: Instagram | @aditiraohydari)

Aditi is glad to have got the chance to work with her friend Dulquer in the film and she believes that they were aptly cast in it as their real-life equation reflected in Hey Sinamika as well.

She goes on to rave about her co-star, saying,

“DQ and I were friends instantly from the day we met. We always say that we are like Tom and Jerry off screen, and even on screen in Hey Sinamika, Brinda Master has cast us almost in that same way as well. We both have this Mani Ratnam connection as we are his homies. We both also have a Brinda Master connection and we both have that slightly mischievous side to us. Even if we weren’t actors, I think that we would have found each other and have been super good friends.”
Hey Sinamika (Source: Instagram | @aditiraohydari)

The actress adds,

“We never recommended each other for any film but we always wanted to work together. Even Dulquer’s wife Amal wondered if we would do a film together and we finally did. In a way, it was such a nice way to do it as it was Brinda Master’s film who we both adore. I always respected DQ as a person and as an actor, not because he is a friend of mine but because of who he is. Even on set I trouble him all the time. He is the kind of person who will be grumpy in the morning with his cup of coffee in his hand and I will pull him out of it, hide his phone or do something or the other, but he never gets irritated. We share a great equation and how we are personally, never step on our professionalism. He has no ego and he loves his work.”

Both Aditi and Dulquer are super cute people whom I loved seeing together on screen. Their playful chemistry and banter just won my heart and after seeing Hey Sinamika, I hope to see them collaborate more often now. As for Aditi, she has always been a favourite of mine, and after this conversation, my love for her has just grown.