Prajakta Koli better known as MostlySane as we all know is one of the OG and multi-talented content creators. She started off with being a radio jockey after which she started her own YouTube channel in 2015, which was a turning point in her life. She has also raised awareness about many social causes throughout her journey. Mismatched was the best thing that happened to her. And now she’ll soon be seen making her debut release with ‘Jug Jug Jiyo‘ on the big screen! Isn’t she just an all-rounder? From blogging to acting to being a YouTuber she keeps herself growing with knowledge each day. She has legit won our hearts with her incredible journey.

She’s her to ‘In-sane-ly‘ inspire us all!

In her recent interview while shooting for the Dabboo Ratnani Creator Calendar 2022 curated by MissMalini we got a chance to know her better. And here is what she has to say.

You have faced many challenges in your life and career. Today, when you sit back are you happy and satisfied?

I am extremely happy and grateful. Honestly, it’s one of those things like you think of how you want to spend your life and then it just turns out sooooooo much better and you’re like ohhh I did not imagine it could get like this so I’m very very grateful.

What are the few things that content creation has taught you in life?

As a creator, it’s super empowering and very healthy to bere yourself the way you are online. Because as a creator you spend so much time online, as a consumer you spend so much time online that if you have a mask on (I mean you should, but that’s not the mask I’m talking about, hehe) like if you have filters on then it’s just going to get hectic to keep up with expectations. Then you somehow you lose touch with who you are as a creator and I feel like the individuality of it is what brings most of the spunk to content that each creator creates. I mean I put my guard down, I had a lot of insecurities that I got rid of, I got super comfortable in my own skin and things like that. That’s been one of one biggest lessons.

Towards the end of this interview, we played a fun game ‘cause we always like to end our conversations on an entertaining note. She showed us ‘What’s on her phone‘ and we got to know more about her through her iPhone. So, watch the interview right here to know what’s her fav emoji and what was the last thing she googled, haha.

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