Holi is right around the corner and it is a personal favourite. There is absolutely nothing about Holi that you can’t like. The smiles, the music, the dancing, the food and most importantly, the vibe, there is absolutely nothing that you should miss about Holi. But the one thing that always causes stress is skin care during Holi, the effects of using hard colour on the face, skin rashes post the festivities, the colour not leaving your hair and skin and several other things can be quite problematic. Over the years, people have adopted healthier methods of playing Holi and hence, opt for organic Holi. Playing Holi with organic colours is safer and is just as fun. We bring to you a guide on how to make organic colours from scratch this festive season to help you enjoy the Holi vibe stress free.

Making organic colours can be a time consuming process but once you start using organic colours, there is literally no going back from it. Here are a few easy ways to make your favourite colours organically at home!

1) Yellow

Yellow is literally the brightest and happiest colour, you just can’t do Holi without it. To make yellow, you just need equal portions of turmeric and gram flour. Mix it well and go feel yellow!

2) Red

Red colour can be obtained by mixing red sandalwood powder with rice flour in equal portions. You can also use dried hibiscus petals, crush them and use them. It’s time to paint the town red.

3) Green

Green colour is the easiest to obtain from dried spinach leaves or squeezed spinach juice mixed with rice flour, and can get the perfect, bright green colour.

4) Pink

Dried Beetroot powder mixed with rice flour can get you the prettiest shades of pink. You can increase or decrease the portions of beetroot powder or flour depending on the darkness of the colour.

5) Purple

Purple can be a mess when playing holi and the best way to get it is by mixing dried jamun or black carrots powder mixed with rice flour to get the perfect colour.

We at MissMalini wish you a very Happy Holi! We hope you have a rocking time, stay safe and enjoy the festival of colours the organic way!

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