Bigg Boss OTT winner Divya Agarwal has inspired me time and again. In the Bigg Boss house when she fought all the odds and emerged a winner, I learned from her to never give up. Even recently, after she announced her separation from Varun Sood last week, in her long note she wrote about how she wants to live for herself and that left me thinking. Earlier to that when she bought her own house in Mumbai, she made me believe that nothing is impossible with hard work. Now with Holi around the corner, I spoke to the actress about the festival and her upcoming web-show Abhay 3, once again she left me with a lesson to live life as it comes and enjoy all of it.

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Yes, in an exclusive conversation Divya revealed her Holi plans, how she loves the festival, and also spoke about her role in the web show Abhay Season 3.

Read the excerpts from the interview here:

On her Holi plans…

I am here in Goa like a nomad literally, I have no plans as of yet. I just want to connect to people, have fun, and meet new people. Probably, if I am lucky enough I will get to see Farhan Akhtar’s live tomorrow.

On loving the festival of colours…

Yes, while growing up, Holi for me was a day of freedom. In other festivals, you need to know traditions, be well behaved and well dressed, but in rangpanchami you can go all crazy. As a child I have great memories of me playing Holi with friends in my building, we would have balloon fights. It taught me a lot about life, I would wait for the festival to come.

On what’s the best part about Holi for her…

The fun is you know in what after you are dipped in colors, and when you return home, freshen up, the food that you get after that is the best part about Holi. It takes away all the tiredness.

On juggling between festivals and work…

My life’s motto has been balancing out everything, be it professional life or personal life. I don’t like to compromise on anything in my life when it comes to my happiness. And wherever I am, even on a set, I will make sure people play Holi with me.
Divya Agarwal
Divya Agarwal (Source: Instagram | @divyaagrwal_official)

On Abhay 3 and her role…

I am feeling quite motivated, Abhay is one of the brands that I will be a part of. People wait for the negative leads to be revealed and they have never seen me in a negative avatar. So I am super excited. I have grown up watching crime thriller movies, my father was very interested in all of that. He was big fan of CID. Abhay as a franchise has done quite well, season 3 has Ken Ghosh, I know him since Ragini days, I love his work as a director. Abhay 3 was one of those projects for me that ticked all the boxes.

Well, I am waiting to see what Divya has in store for us ahead, and I am sure it will be something amazing. On that note, wish you all a very happy Holi!