Madhuri Dixit Nene made a smashing debut on OTT last month with The Fame Game, and while her and her co-stars Sanjay Kapoor and Manav Kaul have been receiving rave reviews for it, the people that caught my eye were the younger generation of actors, specifically Anamika’s kids in the show, i.e. Lakshvir Saran and Muskkaan Jaferi. These two youngsters are winning hearts all around for their intense portrayal and their recent conversation with MissMalini gave a deeper insight into their acting process.

The Fame Game family (Source: Instagram | @lakshvir.saran)

As they are asked if it ever gets difficult to separate the actor in them from the human being in real life, both of them have a very unique and interesting perspective to it.

Lakshvir says,

“It gets tricky sometimes. It’s very weird that in real life when I am talking to someone at times, I suddenly realise that I am improvising, acting and lying. It is a habit I have picked up because I want to see if I lie, is it believable in real life and do I still have that kind of capability or have I lost it. But these are harmless lies as I don’t want to mess with any human being, it’s my responsibility. However, it’s a part of my process and once you train enough, you realise you can control all of these and you are aware of your boundaries. You take what you want to take and eventually use in your job.”

Muskkaan adds,

“It is about the craft that yes you take from your memories and experiences, but this is the life of somebody else at the end of the day. You are taking from your life to reach the reality of your character, and these lines can’t get blurred. Otherwise, it gets very messy. It can be emotionally damaging in some sense if you get really involved. You need to do it and leave it.”
Muskkaan Jaferi (Source: Instagram | @muskkaanjaferi)

But keeping that distinction doesn’t always comes easy, especially when you are new to the craft just like both these actors are. So, when asked if doing such intense roles, take time to get out of them after the show is over, the youngsters again have some profound replies.  

Muskkaan insists,

“It was quite tough on this show specifically. I was out of it when the project ended but when we were there, I was really living with the character. We are new and I will reach there someday, but till the time we were shooting the series, it was difficult to just have a good time as whatever was happening in that world was so heavy. It does affect you as I am a very emotional human being and it was tough.”

On the other hand, Lakshvir asserts,

“I try to avoid the on and off thing. It’s not because I can’t do it, but the result is not satisfactory for me. When we were shooting the show, I stopped talking to my mom as I really wanted to see Madhuri Dixit as my mother. I told my mom that we’d have to avoid speaking for a while as for that period of time, the conversations I would have had with my mother, I wanted to have them with Madhuri ma’am. Eventually when the schedule is done, you call your mom and apologize though.”
Lakshvir Saran (Source: Instagram | @lakshvir.saran)

Both Muskkaan and Lakshvir brought a whole new dimension to the story of Anamika Anand. Seeing the promise and potential they showed in the series, I am certain that greater things are written for them in the future, and I can’t wait for them to unravel for these two.