Boy, today happens to be a really exciting day for us Holi-lovers, no? After all, we managed to celebrate the festival of colours after a whopping 2 years. Ngl, I’ve missed it quite a bit. After all, nothing really beats the happy vibe of being surrounded by colours along with your loved ones and lots of peppy music. However, let’s not forget that this delightful festival drags along some consequences with it too. Nah, we’re not talking about that nasty hangover you’re going to be nursing soon!

No matter how “organic” Holi colours happen to be, they still manage to wreak havoc on our skin, hair and nails. Even if you’ve prepped them perfectly by oiling them or moisturising them. The barrage of colours applied on your face and body often leads to the development of rashes on the skin, persistent itching and even breakouts sometimes. And all the times you had somebody attack you from the back just to smear colour all over your hair— that causes excessive dryness of the hair, making it frizzier and lifeless. How could we forget our stained nails? Mine always end up looking like I’ve painted them purple. Did you know this could cause some heavy-duty damage to your nails in the long run? While the aftermath of truly enjoying Holi can seem daunting, we’re here to help your skin and hair detox. Here’s how you can do that.—

Follow A Simple Skincare Routine


This one’s a no brainer, amirite? While your extensive routine might be extremely efficient on the regular, it’s time to give it a backseat after all of the Holi celebrations. Your skin is either going to be sensitive or dealing with rashes and acne, and the most ideal way to deal with this is to keep things simple. A 3-step skincare regimen consisting of cleansing, toning and moisturising is all your skin needs. Opt for hydrating and non-irritating products that will soothe your skin and make it bounce back.

Moisturise EVERYTHING!


Yep, moisturising is THAT important. However, this time around we’re not just talking about moisturising your skin but also your body. Holi colours tend to dry out your skin a little too much and in extreme cases cause allergic reactions right after they’re used. One can avoid this post-Holi dryness by mindfully moisturising their entire body regularly. Use a lightweight moisturiser that provides intense hydration at least twice a day till your skin doesn’t appear as dry.

Be Mindful While Showering


We love a good ol’ body scrub and some heavy-duty washing when we’re having a shower, no? Especially in this excruciating heat. However, the showers right after Holi are the most important and one must always remember to lower the temperature a tad bit. This is because hot water showers can be extremely drying for your skin, and all thanks to Holi, your skin is already probably quite dry. Another factor to be mindful of whilst showering is to apply some body oil right before you hop in. That extra boost of nourishment your body seems to be craving? This will give it to you.

Avoid Exfoliation For A While


Yeah yeah, I have a weekly chemical exfoliation ritual that I’d hate to let go of too! Well, it’s no secret that your skin is going to be extremely irritated right after this festival. Chances are it’s either going to be itchy or dry. Now, would you want to worsen that by exfoliating it? We think not! It’s best to stay away from any kind of exfoliants, chemical or physical, even if they happen to be gentle on your skin for a while.

Stay Away From Heating Tools


My hair looked like it took a dip in the rainbow in Holi, and I’m sure yours did too. Jokes apart, colours are super damaging to your tresses. Not only do they make them drier, but they also lead to breakage. A high proportion of lead oxide and copper sulphate being present in these colours is the cause of all the harm. As much as we love our styling tools since they happen to be our saviours on most days, the heat used in them furthers all of the damage caused by these colours. Avoid using any kind of heat on your locks, yes even when you’re in a hurry to dry them!

Don’t Shy Away From Hair Masking


The ultimate product that can solve all of your hair woes caused by Holi, is none other than a classic hair mask. Hair masks are an extremely underrated product that most people tend to avoid using. It offers a plethora of benefits for your tresses right from nourishing it from the deepest parts to restoring shine lost due to damage. They also intensely hydrate dry hair and work to repair brittle strands by strengthening them. You could opt for a healthy DIY hair mask made from kitchen ingredients and add your favourite hair serum to it, just to enhance the benefits a little more.

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