There is nothing that is left unspoken about menstruation. The first three days of your periods can be tough to deal with as they’re associated with mood swings, cramps, nausea, and fatigue—the list goes on. Closer to the D-Day, ensure to pamper yourself and give yourself some much-needed rest. Each and every girl has her own way to get through their first few days of menstruation and it’s all subjective. Some women do not experience much pain and take on the day like any regular one, but others find it difficult to get themselves out of bed. A survival kit is just what you need to get through those long days, and we have got your back, girls. The survival kit has just what you need to feel good, confident, and get going again!

1) Chocolate

Chocolate by Sea Wave |

Back to our good old trusty friend—chocolate! If your periods are causing you a lot of pain and mood swings, you need a reason to cheer up. Rely on chocolates and keep a stack of them ready before the day. Chocolate can naturally make you feel good about yourself and the situation. Munch on some chocolate, do not worry about the calories as sugar can make you feel better.

Pro-tip: It is always preferable to snack on dark chocolate as it helps kill the inflammation and ultimately reduces cramps.

2) Binge Watch

Binge Watch by Drazen Zigic |
Binge Watch 

When it is the time of the month and mood swings are getting the better of you, all you need to do is make time and watch your favorite movie and distract yourself from the discomfort caused by the periods. Change into comfortable clothes, bring out some popcorn and play your favorite movie. Pick a feel-good movie that will automatically change the vibe and instantaneously make you feel good.

3) Face Masks

Skincare by Claudia K | www.shutterstock

If you have some time on hand, you might as well indulge in some skincare. Periods can make your skin break out and make it look oily and dull. What better occasion to put on a face mask? Use a store-bought mask or make one yourself with homemade ingredients, put on the mask, take a nap, scroll through your phone, binge watch, or call a friend and catch up. Whatever it is that makes you feel happy, do it and call it a day!

4) Ice Cream

Ice cream by Brent Hofacker | www.shutterstock
Ice Cream

There is nothing a tub of ice cream can’t solve! A day full of cramps, period madness, and a whole lot of mood swings can call for ice cream. Get an ice cream of your favorite flavor and relish it. Ice cream during menstruation can provide you with some relief. But be aware that consuming too much ice cream can worsen the pain.

5) Fuzzy Blankets

Cozy Blanket (Source: Instagram | @unhide)
Cozy Blanket

Periods and cuddles go hand in hand! When you are sulking because of the cramps and don’t feel like doing much, roll yourself in a fuzzy blanket and relax. You’ll be warm and comfortable and that’s all you may need on your periods.

6) Flavored/Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea by peterzsuzsa |
Herbal Tea

Herbal teas show a relaxing effect. They can help calm your nerves and also reduce inflammation. Brewing teas can be extremely therapeutic. Chamomile, mint, jasmine, and lavender teas are all calming and help you feel better.

7) Comfort Food

Pizza by euphoria_promise_jikook |

When on your period, you deserve to be spoiled! Order a greasy, extra cheese pizza, call for that crispy burger, salty fries, the flavourful biryani—call for your favorite food and enjoy! Don’t count the calories, order your comfort food, and enjoy a hearty meal. Although, it is advisable to avoid extra oily, salted, fried and spicy food—since, they aggravate inflammation but a small binge won’t hurt anyone. Make sure you enjoy your favorite food but in the right quantities.

8) Love and Motivation

Period Quotes (Source: Instagram | camil.laton)
Period Quotes

Sometimes, all you need to get through a long day is some love, motivation, and support. Read out a few affirmations to yourself, meet someone, spend time with family and friends. A little quality time can solve a lot of problems.

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