Julian Baker from One Tree Hill once said, “Happiness is not a destination. It is a mood, it is not permanent. It comes and goes and if people thought that way then maybe people would find happiness more often”. It’s a comforting thought that pulls us up on our lowest days. This quote hits harder as we celebrate ‘International Day Of Happiness‘ today. On this occasion, we reached out to creators that make us happy in various ways and asked them, ‘what brings you happiness on social media‘? We absolutely loved their answers and have compiled them for you. Scroll your way through their quotes and don’t forget to dawn your biggest smile while you’re at it.

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands…

1. Manav Chhabra

Manav is like that one friend who never fails to make you smile even on the days you’re at your lowest. His infectious vibe is what makes us happy. And here’s what makes him happy…

The one thing that brings me happiness on social media is definitely seeing new talent with quality content rise up. And obviously the love that people shower on us with the edits and the long captions. Everyday I take some time out from my schedule and watch all of these edits and videos. It keeps me positive and motivated.

2. Krissann Barretto

Krissann’s ‘aww-dorable’ personality and happy-go-lucky-nature inspires us to stay happy no matter what! However, here’s what keeps her smiling…

The one thing that brings me happiness on social media is when people cheer for other people’s wins!!! When my friends repost my work! Nothing makes me happier than that.

3. Malvika Sitalni Aryan

Malvika’s stories lift our moods and make us smile on our low days as well. She keeps her happiness quotient on the all-time high and read on to know what keeps her smile intact…

Connecting with my audience has been the best part of my social media journey! They are my ‘Hype Gang’!

4. Anmol Sachar

Anmol’s videos have the power to make us laugh at any time of the day and we love him for that. Wondering what makes him happy? Check it out…

The one thing that brings me the most happiness on social media is the power to spread smiles through my work. The feeling of being able to brighten up someone’s day is unmatched & when I’m able to do so, I feel absolutely blessed.

5. Malini Agarwal

Our #BossLady Malini hypes us up like no other and we love how she’s always inspiring everyone to be happy and keep going…

Not gonna lie, everyone loves a little dopamine hit on social media! But what brings me the most joy of all is when I see people flooding each other with extra love on a difficult day. That’s when you really appreciate your digital hype club!

6. Sonal Devraj

Sonal’s a dancing doll and is always ‘twirling’ her happy vibes towards us. Let’s see what brings her happiness…

Social media gives me a platform to explore my creativity.

7. Nicole Concessao

Happiness is watching Nicole dance like a pro she is! Honestly, we can spend hours watching her shake a leg, and here’s what she has to say about what makes her happy…

Watching so many home businesses grow, seeing people put themselves out there with confidence & that strong sense of community.

7. Meghna Kaur

The sunshine girl Meghna, is the only ‘troublemaker‘ that we absolutely adore. Her smile is what makes us happy and here’s what brings her positivity and happiness on the ‘gram

We all have our ups and downs and sometimes all it takes is one thing to make us smile and help turn things around. For me, that’s happy/funny memes. I definitely think I follow comparatively more meme pages which I like to see when I open my Instagram that help me go through a bad day.

9. Evelyn Sharma

The cutest of them all, Evelyn is like the first ray of sun after a dark night. Her presence is enough to bring a smile to people’s faces. Check out what brings her happiness other than Eva hehe

The support and encouragement of my fans online is what makes me smile every day and brings me immense happiness on Social Media!

10. Shivali Rijhwani Chadha

The gorgeous, Shivali never fails to bless us with her bright and lively pictures that bring a huge wide smile to our faces each time. Here’s what she has to say about her thoughts on happiness…

I’m very passionate about sharing my thoughts on social media. I strive to include it into all of my social media channels. If we all do our share, social media can become a nicer, more useful place. Of course, we can discuss issues that are important to us and share our thoughts.  Social media should be all sweet floss and marshmallows, but there is a way to communicate with others that build us up rather than tears us down.

These quotes are really wholesome and we loved to watch creators share what they love the most about social media. On a side note, we hope that you’re staying safe and are vaccinated.

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