Our skincare routines and shelves would be hella incomplete without skinfluencers, no? Now, what are skinfluencers? They happen to be creators who are imparting some much-needed knowledge surrounding all things skincare. Which really comes to us as a boon, don’t you think so? There are constantly new advancements being made in the skincare industry along with new ingredients popping up from time to time. All of this can get pretty overwhelming for a skincare newbie or even a seasoned skincare lover.

All thanks to these skinfluencers, I’m extremely well-versed in the rules of all things skincare these days. Whether that happens to be religiously following the 60-second cleansing rule or being aware of which active ingredients are best paired with each other. So, if you’ve been looking to learn a tad bit more about skincare, you defo need to be following these people. —

Vasudha Rai

If you’re on the lookout to explore a few Indian brands and even gain some perspective on ancient Indian healing practices, Vasudha Rai’s Instagram account is all you need. She’s often seen teaching her audience how to use various facial tools and even how to get the best out of your DIYs!

Komal Basith

Need brutally honest reviews for your favourite skincare and haircare products? Trust Komal to give you that. A lot of beauty lovahs like me always need to know every tiny detail about the brand-new product they’re planning to purchase. She ensures that when she happens to be reviewing a product, you’re going to know the good, the bad and the ugly about it.

Yashwant Singh

Often creating content around the most-talked-about skincare products, Yashwant also shows his audience a variety of tips and tricks to be at the top of your skincare game at all times. The best part about his account is how accessible all the products he talks about are.

Ria Biyani

Okay, personally I happen to be someone who also loves watching trending skincare content on Instagram. I mean come on, watching hilarious skincare videos that are relatable at the same time are my weakness. If this is something you enjoy too, then Ria’s account is one that will have you hooked! She creates informative content on Instagram on topics like skincare actives and sunscreen, all by giving it a humorous twist too. Now, who wouldn’t love that?


Hyram Yarbro is a world-renowned skinfluencer who’s often seen reacting to skincare routines of various celebrities and offering tips on how to make it better. He’s best known for busting commonly believed skincare myths and also recommending affordable skincare dupes.

Isha Sutaria

Luxury skincare is an entirely different world in its own right. Isha creates visually appealing content on a plethora of ways to use a particular skincare product that belongs to the luxurious side of things. She has a knack for making her content stand out by focusing on aesthetics, which is why you won’t be able to get off her Instragram account easily.

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