We’ve seen many creators and influencers creating content across genres. But what interests us, even more, is when two or more creators come together and create something magical for their audience. Yes, collaboration over competition does exist online and we all should be a part of it. And the new collab feature of Instagram has indirectly kinda encouraged creators to collab more than ever. On that note, Sejal Kumar has collaborated with many creators for different reasons so scroll down to know about it all.

Here are her collabs

1. With Prajakta Koli

Watching two ‘Kweens‘ together just automatically uplifts our mood. They’ve jumped on the ongoing trend and we love how apt they are here. Mostlysane was invited to Sejal’s podcast, #ShutUpSejal and this Reel in itself looks so energized that we wonder how the podcast would have turned out. Now, we can’t wait to watch all the things they have spoken about.

2. With Ankush Bahuguna

Here are two Delthite creators talking about being people-pleasers, their hustles, journeys, being the digital sensation that they are, the pressure of being online and much more. Their real talk really was super insightful and we got to know more about their personalities. Honestly, such collaborations are really empowering to watch.

3. With Aashna Hegde

For us what makes this collaboration even more special is the fact that there are three strong and powerful women content creators who aren’t afraid to talk their hearts out on social media. In this Reel, they speak about supporting content creators even if they’re from different genres ‘cause as we mentioned earlier ‘Collaboration over competition’. On a side note, Instagram helpppp we need a three collaboration feature as well now, haha.

4. With Sakshi Sindwani

Females supporting females is the best thing we can watch online today. A fun fact about them is that Sakshi is one of Sejal’s very old friends and now watching them grow together is phenomenal. Being the host Sejal is, they spoke about some important and candid topics such as the fear of being irrelevant, insecurities being a content creator and much more. You should totally check it out as it would surely inspire and give you the validation you needed.  

5. With Kareema Barry & Anisha Dixit

We’re literally living for the amount of energy by Anisha, Sejal and Kareema in this Reel. And watching them being so candid made this Reel look like a BTS only, hehe. All we thought of was ‘Go womaniya‘ while watching them slay.

6. With Avanti Nagral

One thing common between Sejal and Avanti is the fact that they raise their voice and break stereotypes. Being BFFS and the strong personalities that they are, vibing on similar thoughts encourages the audience even more. On a fun note, the hug at the end literally made us go like ‘awwwwww‘.

7. With MJ5

This collab happened when MJ5 boys released their new song, ‘Ziddi‘. Sejal being a singer loves music of every kind and when it comes to jammin‘ there is no going back. Them dancing on their song’s signature step really got our feet tapping too ‘cause it’s such a quirky move.

Voila, that’s that and we absolutely love and adore the way they all support, help and motivate each other in different ways. So, if you’re a content creator go and socialize with the upcoming creators and collaborate with them. On a side note, we hope that you’re staying safe and are vaccinated. Also, don’t forget to follow @missmalinitrending to get more information about your fave influencers and creators.