Today, if the name Vidya Balan is associated with any project, its credibility just rises automatically. Such is the stature the actress has created for herself through her work over the years which includes films like The Dirty Picture, Tumhari Sulu, Sherni and her most recent release Jalsa, alongside Shefali Shah. I have loved and admired the actress for paving a new way for the actresses in the Hindi film industry that today scripts are written for her. And after seeing Jalsa, my admiration for her has only grown.

As the actress got into a conversation with MissMalini, she was asked about her filmography that reflects quality over quantity and when inquired if it’s a conscious effort to choose scripts that make a difference, Vidya’s answer is a bit surprising.

The actress states,

“No, I am not doing anything to make a difference really, but I get bored very easily. So, the only way I can keep myself engaged and committed is by challenging myself to do something new and tell a different story each time, play a different person. So, I wait for those opportunities and thankfully I have been getting a decent share of that. But it’s never the aim ki mujhe kuch hatke karna hai.”
Vidya Balan (Source: Instagram | @balanvidya)

While Vidya’s performances have been top-notch ever since Parineeta, the actress shares that at times it happens that the director’s vision on set differs from what is told to her in the narration. As she is asked how does she deals with such situations, the actress gives an elaborate reply.

Vidya shares,

“It has happened with me and I wonder whether I have gotten the director’s vision or not yet, because finally when I watch the film, they turn out completely fine. Sometimes the way the director directs on set is different from the conversations we’ve had before. So, that could happen and sometimes it just doesn’t translates. But what do you do about it? You can bring it up with the director but it’s their medium at the end of the day. So, sometimes you feel disappointed because whatever the reason the translation doesn’t happen, it’s unfortunate.”

No matter what her process is, Vidya never disappoints me on screen. And her real life persona as well is quite impressive. With Jalsa, she showed another dimension to her personality and seeing her on screen is always a treat. So, now waiting for the next one.