I got a pleasant surprise last evening as Gagan Arora announced getting married to his girlfriend of 12 years Muditaa by sharing some gorgeous pictures from their wedding. What added to the excitement was that the couple actually got married a month back in an intimate ceremony and that was around the same time Gagan had his recent web show release, The Fame Game. While professionally he received widespread acclaim for his role of an obsessive fan to Madhuri Dixit Nene‘s Anamika Anand in the show, seems like he was taking big strides in his personal life as well.

Gagan Arora with wife Muditaa at their wedding (Source: Instagram | @whogaganarora)

Hearing this good news, I couldn’t help but revisit the recent conversation I had with the actor regarding the show’s success and his life. To be intimidating and scary towards a legend like Madhuri couldn’t have been an easy task, and as I asked him about it, he just couldn’t stop chuckling.

Gagan shared,

“Yaar in logon ne bahut bura kara hai mere saath (laughs). The makers made sure that I don’t meet Madhuri ma’am before my first scene with her, so I wasn’t allowed to even talk to her. They wanted that actual fandom to come out when we were shooting. And the first thing then that I was doing on set was scaring her off, so mera to itna life kharab ho gaya (laughs). It was really tough to be intimidating to her because she is so nice and warm and she is ‘The Madhuri Dixit’. And our big scene in the vanity van was the first scene we shot for together. Madhuri ma’am is obviously a dream to work with. She is so soft-spoken, kind and warm enough.”
Madhuri Dixit and Gagan Arora in The Fame Game (Source: Instagram | @whogaganarora)

Even though his Madhav from The Fame Game is garnering a lot of applause, people still remember and connect him to one of his most renowned characters, Bagga from College Romance. As I inquire how close Gagan is to Bagga in real life, he has some interesting things to tell me.

The actor revealed,

“I am not even close to Bagga. People think I am like that in real life but I don’t abuse or indulge in fights at all. But people don’t understand that and if I am walking on the roads in Delhi, someone would spot me from across the street and shout ‘Bagga bhai’ and start with the gaalis. And on such occasions when I would be with my girlfriend, I would hide my face.”

Well, Gagan was a delight to talk to and as cool and amazing he appears on camera, he is much more lovely in real life. I am super stoked right now for the recent development in his personal life and wish him and Muditaa a lifetime of togetherness. Can’t wait to see more of him on screen now.