Rohit Shetty and Ajay Devgn aren’t just one of the best actor-director teams of Hindi cinema but these two are also friendship goals. The two are childhood friends who’ve been an integral part of each other’s journey. Recently, Shetty also launched the trailer of Devgn’s directorial venture Runway 34 and was just super proud of the actor.

Talking about Ajay Devgn – the director, here’s what Rohit had to say.

“There are many people who turn director from being a writer or turn to direction after being an actor but here’s a secret. Not many people know this except for people like us who’ve been with him since childhood that Ajay Devgn always wanted to be a director and we’ve grown up learning from him. But he ended up becoming an actor first. Having said that, even today, he’s one of the best technicians  we have. He’s not just a good actor but an equally good technician. There’s been a journey and revolution – so many things have changed technically in cinema and he’s changed with that.”  

Ajay confessed at the trailer launch that when he first heard the script, he decided to direct it instantly. It was later that he thought he’d also cast himself in the film and produce it under his banner ADF.

Rohit laughed to that added,

“This is his old habit. When we did  Raju Chacha, that’s what happened. Someone else was going to produce the film but suddenly, in the midnight he called of us and said he will produce the film.”

I’ve loved the trailer of the film and so looking forward to seeing it now more so after hearing some amazing things about Devgn’s skills as a director and technician on Runway 34. It’s set to release on April 29.