Photo dumps are a super fun insight into a creator‘s life and we absolutely love swiping through them. Filled with quirky candids, random moments, hilarious BTS, these carousels are simply awesome, wouldn’t you agree? These dumps really feel like a breath of fresh air tbh. Scroll your way through these photo dumps and make one of your own as well this time.  


1. Dolly Singh

Dolly Singh’s super casual and fun photo dump is as unfiltered as it can get. To answer her question in the caption, ‘Who am I’? All we can say is that you’re a gorgeous gorgeous girl who has our heart. We’re in love with all her shades be it goofy, funny, pretty or hysterical.

2. Deeksha Khurana

Dee’s candid photo dump for the month of February from the ‘city of love’ is super cute. The glittery Eiffel, visiting a book shop, tea party in a robe, flowers, food, and a cutsey cat, what’s not to like here! We already can’t wait for her monthly dump for March next.

3. Radhika Seth

Between ‘art or vandal’ one must always choose art much like Radhika. This artsy photo dump of Bansky’s graffitis and street art is absolutely marvelous and we would like to thank her for this virtual tour.

4. Sakshi Shivdasani

Sakshi’s photo dump straight from Nepal with her boyfriend, Suvrat is full of hikes, art, food, and love. We can see that her birthday was absolutely delightful and we’re in awe. Ngl, Sakshi you had us at hello, haha.

5. Vishnu Kaushal

This ‘peach-tastic’ photo dump by Vishnu is an aesthetically pleasing insight into his life. Mirror selfies, cute notes, travelling, meeting Diksha, visiting churches, and just living life. This boy is totes winning it all.

6. Shibani Bedi

Shibani’s photo dump filled with family moments, work scenes, yoga rituals and candid shots are giving us major chill feels. We love it when creators and influencers put out unfiltered content to the core.

Aren’t these photo dumps just too much fun? On a side note, we hope that you’re staying safe and are vaccinated.

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