Shefali Shah is on a roll indeed with back-to-back brilliant work like Human and Jalsa. I’ve always admired the lady ever since Satya and felt she’s one of the most talented actors we have yet, the fact is Shah has been under-rated. In the past, we’ve not got to see her as much as we should have. Which is why, it’s so amazing to see the lady in some amazing scripts, back-to-back.

Jalsa has been a casting coup indeed with powerhouse performers like Shefali and Vidya Balan. Recently when the actors were interviewed by Shravan Shah, Entertainment Head, MissMalini, here’s what she had to say about that.

Shefali expressed,

“Until recently, nobody has thought of me and worked on a script and thought of putting me in a parallel lead, that too along with Vidya. I feel there’s a sense of validation now. I feel lucky being here. I really feel blessed working with Vidya, working with Suresh.”

She has always also chosen to play such varied parts – be it Satya or Waqt The Race Against Time or Dil Dhadakne Do. It’s conscious she said, but at the same time, it comes naturally.

She added,

“I get bored very easily. I am not sparsely choosy, I’m very choosy. It’s audacious to say that when you’re not getting abundance of work, but I love what I do way too much to go and do something as a job. If something churns me inside out, I will do it. I don’t use an analytical brain for it. But if it touches me and hits me in my gut, I’m going to do it. Yes, I want to play different characters, not to prove a point here but because that’s the point of being an actor.”

I’m just left impressed always, not just by her acting skills, but just how articulate, intelligent and honest lady she is!

You can check out the full interview below for this in-depth conversation!