Cardi B is a famous American rapper who has managed to make quite the name for herself with her talents! Along with her killer rapping skills, she also never fails to impress us with her extraordinary and out-there fashion sense. Her looks certainly know how to make a statement and leave us drooling! Hence, when she decided to adorn a look off the shelves of ace Indian designer, Gaurav Gupta for her remix of the song No Love‘s music video you can only imagine our excitement!

Let’s have a look, shall we?

The diva is seen wearing a gorgeous, sculpted look that certainly left us mesmerised, to say the least! Standing in a field full of romantic, red roses, the singer dons Gaurav Gupta’s white Amorphous Shapeshifter Sculptural Outfit in organza fabric. The exquisite look hugged the star in all the right places and accentuated her curves flawlessly. She kept all the focus of her outfit by skipping the accessories. For hair and makeup, she went with dewy and contoured makeup along with her long locks in a sleek, straight hairstyle. All in all, this look certainly looks like what dreams are made of!

On asking the designer about the outfit

We wanted to go with a nude-ish colour to match her lovely skin tone. She shines in it and at the same time she kind of moulds in it as well. We constructed these sculptures using our indigenous technique of sculpting with a really long trail that gave it that larger than life feel. The whole video is inspired by elements of nature. Cardi’s representing wind and air and that’s why the form of the look is like loops of infinity. It represents how the air flows and is amorphous, and how it goes from one place to another. All the garments made were also all translucent. The overall look is very dramatic with the sculpted shoulder coming to life and the sculpted trail coming to life. It’s really beautiful as it is one of our signature techniques being worn by Cardi B, the most iconic artist of our times and I think it’s a very proud moment.
Cardi B in Gaurav Gupta
Cardi B in Gaurav Gupta 

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