Instagram can sometimes feel too overwhelming. With so many filters to choose from, the reality is getting blurred and distorted. However, there are a few creators who like to keep their feed absolutely raw and we love them for that. One of them is the gorgeous, Scherezade Shroff. From casual photo dumps to unfiltered selfies, her feed is legit a breath of fresh air. Now, scroll your way through it.

So, baby, come with me…

1. Woke Up Like This

Now, that’s what we call an OG #IWokeUpLikeThis selfie. Crawled up in your bed in cute PJs, messy hair, and a big wide smile! Sherry has opened a window to ask her anything in the comments and we would like to take this opportunity to ask, how do you manage to always keep it so real and raw?

2. Post-Workout Glow

Ngl, this picture is making us want to head to the gym right now. The post-workout glow is significantly visible on Sherry’s face and it makes her look extra beautiful than she already is! Brb, heading over to the local store to get a yoga mat and some motivation to exercise.

3.  Static Hair

Hi Sherryyyyyyyyy! We absolutely love how ‘aww-dorable’ she is. Her goofiness is simply an add-on to her enthusiastic and charming vibe, wouldn’t you agree? We can’t help but sing the lyrics of ‘What makes you beautiful’ by One Direction, after watching this epic selfie.

4. Sherry & Mars

Happiness is snuggling with your dog, agreed? Tbh, we can feel the joy on both of their faces radiating out of the screen. The serene vibe on Mr. Mars Shroff ‘s face is on the ultimate high and we’re in love with his feeling of happiness when he’s with his hooman.

5. Feeling Gen-Zish

Sherry’s super cute smile and her twinkling eyes are enough to make our day 10x better. Tho a millennial, we love how she is rocking this Gen-Z bucket hat look, like a pro. Needless to say, no one does it like Scherezade and as Jass Manak and Divine said, there’s no competition.

6. Masking & Self-Care

Issa Vibe! Having some me-time is a necessity after a long day at work or to rejuvenate. This picture of Sherry chilling in her room after putting on some charcoal mask, putting her hair in a bun, wearing red pajamas, and a white tank top is so calm and peaceful to look at. It makes us want to relax a bit as well.

7. Family Time

A cup of caffeine and a view of the bois you love the most chilling together is exactly what one needs in life. Sherry’s got it all as seen in this photo dump and we’re simply in love with it.

Sherry’s raw, unfiltered, and simple feed is what make’s her stand out. Isn’t her feed like a breath of fresh air? On another note, we hope y’all are taking care of yourselves and staying safe.

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