Actress Yami Gautam Dhar is in the best phase of her career currently. After the success of her last A Thursday, Yami is gearing up to treat us with her next Dasvi. And she also has Dhoom Dhaam and OMG2 in the pipeline. With so much work happening for Yami, the actress is also going to complete a decade in the industry in April. And during an interview, I realized that Yami has grown to be a better version of herself in all this time she spent in the industry. Now, she plans to do some great work in showbiz and with her line up, I am sure she will.

Before you read her interview, see Yami deliver another imapctful performance in the trailer of Dasvi.

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Read excerpts from the interview here:

On how life has changed after A Thursday…

Yes, I hope so. At least the kind of offers that are pouring in are pretty much in sync or in line with the kind of films I have always wanted to do. I am yet to sign my next, but even if I don’t weigh it in what kind of offers are pouring in, just the love, adulation, and respect… I think success is still something which we achieve in our own ways more or less. But when people start associating your work with respect that’s very rare and I really value it.
Yami Gautam Dhar
Yami Gautam Dhar (Source: Instagram | @yamigautam)

On her exploring OTT space, and her TV and South career…

First of all let me clarify, my venture in television was short-lived and really unsuccessful. My show couldn’t survive for more than 8 months, which is very less. Even in South, I have done one film in each language but none of them were really big successful films or became a big name and offers poured in left-right-center, it wasn’t. But for me that was also a learning ground, it was the first time I watched myself on the big screen in a Kannada film. Talking about OTT, there have been some offers but I just wouldn’t do for the heck of it.

On completing almost a decade in this industry…

I don’t feel like a decade has passed. Now, my journey has just begun the way I wanted it to be. This place is full of so many things, you have to gather your own experiences, make peace with certain choices which you know in your heart that they are not going to be good films, but you go ahead and do them because they tell you, you’re out of sight, you are out of mind. That feeling is the worst as an actor if you have to be a part of a set where you know this is not where you want to be. But that’s also an experience, that time it is also a pain, but it makes you tougher.

You can watch Yami’s entire interview here:

Well, with such amazing performances, stardom is just getting started for the talented actress. And I am sure that not only does she have a long way to go, but Yami is one strong force to reckon with.