‘I Am The Person Who Should Get The Least Credit For KGF. This Is About My Kannada Industry And People’ : Yash

‘I Am The Person Who Should Get The Least Credit For KGF. This Is About My Kannada Industry And People’ : Yash

Ankita Kanabar

The much anticipated trailer of KGF Chapter 2 has been unveiled and I'm left stunned! While the first part became a rage and people have high expectations from Chapter 2 now, looking at the trailer, I surely believe that the film is going to hit the ball out of the park. A grand launch event happened yesterday in Bengaluru and the Rockstar Yash got highly emotional as he thanked every person involved with the film. It was so heartwarming to see an actor of his caliber take least credit for the film.

Yash expressed,

"I’m very attached to my industry. There’s nothing about me. I’m the person who should get the least credit in this. This is about my industry and Kannada people. People have come here earlier for the first part, but this time it’s with a different expression, smile and expectation. So, I’m happy that we’ve done something. The technicians, art director, the editor, there are a lot of people who have made the film what it is, including, our set workers and light boys. You don’t find set boys and workers like them in any other industry, I can proudly say that. It was the zeal of the entire team to prove that we also have potential."

The actor has gotten a huge fan-following for his larger-than-life aura and avatar in KGF but he praises director Prashanth Neel even for how he looks on-screen.

He added,

"A lot of people give me credit but it’s bull shit. It’s Prashanth’s film and I’m happy to get the opportunity to be part of it. He can make any newcomer also act like a thorough professional. He loves his heroes. That’s the best part. Every director, if they love their heroes, it will translate on-screen. A character on-screen is a reflection of how the director treats his heroes."

Yash was also all praises for actors Raveena Tandon and Sanjay Dutt. While he expressed that people will get to see Tandon in an all-new avatar with KGF and she looks stunning, here's what he said about Sanjay Dutt which was absolutely inspiring.

Talking about Sanjay Dutt, Yash said,

"Sanju sir is a true fighter and I have seen it up close now. He has seen life, that brings seasoned maturity in him. The way dedicated himself in those action sequences is so amazing. All of us know, the health concern which he went through, and yet, he was so dedicated. I was scared looking at the action sequences, but he said, 'Yash, please don’t insult me. I can do it.' He has taken the movie to another level. This is how a fan would like to see him. In the movie, our characters may be against each other, but I’m a huge fan of him in personal life."

Well, I'm mind-blown, not just after witnessing the trailer of KGF 2 but also seeing Yash's humility being the star that he is. Check out the trailer here while we await its release on April 14.